“New Girl” Wraps Up Season 5 with a Lesbian Engagement

Tuesday night was the season finale of New Girl, which centered around the long-awaited wedding between Cece and Schmidt. This occasion brought in lots of guest characters, including Schmidt’s mother Louise (Nora Dunn) and her “best friend/roommate” Susan (Kim Wayans). Despite Schmidt’s deep-seated denial, everyone knows that Louise and Susan are long-time girlfriends.

The night before the nuptials, Jess finds an engagement ring in Sam’s pocket and immediately assumes he’s going to propose to her. She’s excited at first, but just when he’s about to pop the question, she freaks out and announces a game of True American: First Lady Edition. True American is the loft’s indecipherable drinking/history/the floor is lava game, and it’s always a treat to watch the gang play. Ultimately, it turns out that Sam is dumping Jess for his best friend Diane (I see what you did there, New Girl) and Jess realizes that she didn’t want to marry him anyway. Why? Because she still has feels for Nick.


So who did the mystery ring belong to? Louise, who was planning to propose to Susan. Susan says yes and they celebrate, with Schmidt finally coming around and realizing how much they love each other. Schmidt embraces Susan and calls the couple “his two moms” which is very sweet. 


In other queer news, Reagan returns to loft as Nick’s date for the wedding and reveals that she wants a real relationship with him. Unfortunately, this occurs at the exact same time that Jess realizes she still harbors feelings for Nick. The consummate romantic, Jess puts aside her own feelings and encourages Nick and Reagan to put aside their fears and pursue a relationship.


I love that New Girl avoids making Jess and Reagan compete for Nick’s affections, and instead reinforces these character’s affection for each other. Despite both wanting the same man, Jess and Reagan genuinely like each other. This shouldn’t be a refreshing concept, but it is. So, will Reagan be coming back season? Will we see Louise and Susan’s wedding? Fingers crossed for both.