“Wynonna Earp” (1.07): Danger in Spades

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna killed six of The Seven, Waverly was gifted a skull by her late uncle, The Blacksmith bonded Waverly to said skull but then realized it belonged to the Stone Witch and was afraid for both of their lives.

We begin with Wynonna saving Doc’s life. A Revenant was about to slit his throat in his sleep before Wynonna and Peacemaker showed up. She’s there to ask for his help identifying the last of The Seven, but Doc says the reason the Revenant was even there to kill him is because he’s an Earp sympathizer. And he’s not getting anything out of it, so he’s not interested anymore.

Out on her farm, the Blacksmith is in a circle of salt when Constance and her goons show up to find her son’s skull, which she has been seeking for 130 years. The Blacksmith stands strong, refusing to tell the witch anything, and scratching her eye with magic. Good ol’ Connie makes the Blacksmith’s eyes bleed right back.

Wynonna Earp 107-1“If I wanted the Heda look I would just use the Lexa Snapchat filter thank you very much.”

At Shorty’s, Waverly makes sure Wynonna is going to be working all weekend and says she’ll be fine on her own. She shuffles Wynonna off and gives her sister her brightest smile to reassure her, but it’s clear there’s something she doesn’t want Wynonna to know.

Wynonna Earp 107-2She’s perfected the, “Everything’s fine” smile, though.

At the Black Badge Division, Wynonna and Dolls are trying to ID the Seven without Doc’s help, and Dolls notices he’s carrying a fancy walking stick. Wynonna sees that the top of it has a spade engraved on it, and Dolls rewards her for her detective work by offering to pick up Chinese food, which pleases her greatly.

Constance Clootie tortures the Blacksmith for hours and eventually makes her so thirsty that she has no choice but to crawl out of her salt circle for water. Constance drapes herself over her prisoner and asks again: Who has the skull? All the Blacksmith will give up is that it’s a girl who will be the one to destroy the Stone Witch.

Wynonna Earp 107-3Witches need salt boundaries because otherwise they have none.

And that girl of destruction is currently dancing around her homestead like she’s in a teenybopper music video, decorating for a party. Doc comes in and asks her about the skull she’s dancing with, and when he sees that it has a second row of pointy teeth, he knows it’s not human. Doc says that Bobo is looking for that skull and that she should probably hide it well and good.

Wynonna Earp 107-420 points to Ravenclaw for that outfit.