The Season 2 finale of “Jane the Virgin” brings a shocking return

Well, we didn’t see that coming. After being benched for most of the season, last night’s Jane the Virgin finale gave us some much needed Luisa time. Fresh from her fifth, or is it her sixth, stint at rehab, Luisa reunited with her girlfriend Susanna Barnett and brother Rafael, just in time for Jane and Michael’s wedding.

After waiting for what seems like forever, Jane and Michael were finally tying the knot! If you are Team Michael, like moi, you were probably thrilled but also filled with a sense of dread. I’ll get to that later. First, Luisa and Susanna.

Susanna has been helping Michael try to get back on the force, as well as taking down Mutter and Rafael’s brother. Mutter was found bound and gagged, but it looks like Derrick made off with over 200 million dollars. Michael is still trying to get to the bottom of who leaked the investigation to the press, and Susanna is betting on their captain. She’s also betting on Luisa, who is adorably hanging out the window of her car, hella excited to see Michael.

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Yes, these two lovebirds have made it through Luisa’s rehab stint and are making a go at being a real couple. So much so, that Susanna asks if Luisa can be her plus one at the wedding. She acknowledges that it’s super weird, but Jane is ok with it.

Before the wedding, Luisa sits down with Rafael to make amends. He’s actually quite receptive and opens up about wanting to confess his love for Jane before she walks down the aisle. Knowing that Luisa is a hopeless (and reckless) romantic, he assumes she will tell him to do it, but in a surprise twist, she tells him to move on. She never thought she’s love again after Rose, but now with Susanna, the world feels new again. In fact, she’s so into Susanna that they have been waiting to have sex. “Just some light hand play,” Luisa tells her brother, which made me snort with laughter.

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After some shenanigans involving a thesis, a broken down Rolls Royce and a city bus, the wedding of Michael and Jane is on. It’s wonderfully sweet and romantic, especially when Michael recites his vows in Spanish. Rafael doesn’t spill his guts after he sees how happy Jane is, and all appears to be well. Jane and Michael even get a musical number and an ok from the Virgin Mary to consummate their love.

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The reception is a party and a half, with a choreographed father-daughter dancing and a special appearance by Rogelio’s third closest best friend, Bruno Mars. All this love inspires Luisa to confess her love to Susanna, who returns the feeling. They kiss passionately and talk about wanting to finally have some sexy sex.

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At the reception, Rogelio introduces Michael to Gerry, the head crew guy. They exchange pleasantries and Michael finds out that he’s from Tuscaloosa, just like Susanna. Gerry tells Michael about the Tuscaloosa tradition of “Roll Tide” and tells him to say it to Susanna. See everyone from Tuscaloosa knows what that means! Uh oh. Is this Chekov’s gun disguised as a University of Alabama sports chant?

Back at the Marbella, Jane and Michael are feverishly packing to go to their hotel and finally have sex. They can’t wait, though, and decide to do it at the Marbella instead. First, Michael runs out to get some ice for the champagne, while Jane slips into her negligee. Michael runs into Susanna, who once again gives him her congratulations. He’s so excited that he blurts out, “Roll Tide,” expecting an equally enthusiastic response. The thing is, Susanna doesn’t know what he means. The moment turns tense as Michael realizes that Susanna has been playing him. When he confronts her, she takes out a gun and shoots him in the chest.

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NO! Not Michael! There have been a lot of theories going around that Michael was going to die this season, and it’s pretty hard to recover from a gunshot wound to the heart. Light a candle and say a prayer for Michael Cordero. I’m not sure Jane would ever recover from his death.

A moment later, Susanna returns to her hotel room and tells Luisa that they have to run. When Luisa questions why, this is what happens:



HOLY SHIT! It’s Rose! Rose has been pretending to be Susanna all this time. Luisa can’t believe her eyes, and Rose, well, she’s just as much of a sociopath as ever. “Don’t look so surprised,” Rose tells her. “You know ours is the greatest love story ever told.” She holds out her hand for Luisa to take, and that’s where the story ends until next season!

Are you excited to see Rose again? I admit to having mixed emotions about it. I mean, she shot Michael. But also, it’s Bridget Regan! This could open up into one hell of a storyline next season. Were you shocked or did you see this coming? Let me know in the comments. Also, what about that insane twin storyline with Petra and Anezka?! Petra and Jane’s friendship has really resonated with queer viewers, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on that as well.