“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.16): A Song of Farewell

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Rip assembled a league of misfit toys to go after Vandal Savage, but mostly to save Rip’s family, the team found out the Time Masters were controlling everything the whole time, which is why they failed over and over and over, Snart gave his life to release the Time Masters’ hold on the timeline, and Savage kidnapped Kendra and Carter.

We begin back in Star City, 2016. Rip explains that they’re out of options, so he brought them home. The team is a little upset; they fought all this time for what? The mission isn’t over. But Rip is giving up. He doesn’t want to risk their lives anymore; he’s going to return their baby selves to their timelines so they can get on with their lives. Sara isn’t sure how they’re supposed to just pretend they weren’t just traveling through space.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-1“Besides, we’re only allowed one crossover episode a year.”

Rip says that also they missed five months while they were traveling, which no one loves, but Rip doesn’t explain, he just reveals that he’s actually just a holograph and zips the Waverider away before anyone can get back on.

Sara goes to the Arrow cave, ready to see her friends, maybe do some salmon laddering for Felicity for old time’s sake, but only her father is there. She says that the went to Laurel’s apartment but no one was there, and when she sees the look on her father’s face, she asks if everything’s okay, but it is decidedly not.

Lance tells Sara that Darhk has been wreaking havoc all this time and that he killed Laurel. Sara is feeling the same way I did about it, which is very NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-2“But but but, I got OUT of the refrigerator we were supposed to throw it away, not shove someone else in it!”

In Central City, Rory is trying to steal things with a new partner, but they don’t have the same chemistry that he and Snart had. Ray picks him up and says that maybe Snart would want THEM to pair up, and Rory pretends to hate that idea but doesn’t fight it.

Stein is winning at Trivial Pursuit, which can be pretty boring even when you HAVEN’T been time traveling. And his wife can tell that he does not love this change of pace.

So Team Legends all find themselves back where they left the Waverider, all for different reasons. Stein and Ray both have solutions they think will contact the Waverider, and Sara storms up decidedly less smiley than when she left.

Legends of Tomorrow 116-3“I’d like to watch the world burn please and thank you.”

Rip gets the transmission and goes back to the team, and his team explains that none of them felt comfortable giving up, so they’re going with him whether he likes it or not.