“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.08): Hit the road, Jack

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Bethany got attacked, Wynonna hunted a band of Revenants called The Seven, Wynonna was taunted by the last member of The Seven who uses a spade as a signature, Dolls offered up Doc to his boss to avoid getting the Black Badge Division shut down, and Wynonna was about to take Haught to breakfast when the two of them got hella kidnapped.

Doc inspects Haught’s police car for clues, and once he gets over the shock of the creepy music and the blood splatter, he notices a playing card on the windshield. A spade, of course.

When Wynonna wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, “Waverly” is the first name she says. But it’s not her sister with her or any of her friendsit’s Reggie, the morgue doctor. He sits on the edge of her bed and tells her that she has been paralyzed from the waist down, causing instant panic.

Wynonna Earp 108-1“I can’t shoot and wheel at the same time!”

Across town, Doc storms into the police station, yelling that Wynonna and Officer Haught are missing, and even though the sheriff isn’t exactly jumping to be helpful, Doc comes in and is on the case immediately.

As Wynonna comes out of her haze, feeling hungover, the doctor tries to tell her she could have killed someone, but she’s not that out of it and remembers that she was not only sober for a change, but Nicole was driving. She then demands to know where Nicole was, but he waves away her concerns.

She starts to ask him questions like where he went to school and why, if we went to Princeton, he was working in Purgatory of all places, and he says that he’s doing some experimental stuff, like trying to get rid of the thing that causes irrational thought. While he’s rambling on like a regular Dr. Jekyll, Wynonna closes off her IV tube so he can’t give her any more drugs.

She asks him if he uses his cane as a weapon or if he really has a limp and when he quirks an eyebrow at her, she tells him the jig is up. Princeton doesn’t have a medical school. (Which…I didn’t even put together. So. Good job, Wy.) Reggie lets his freak flag fly then, eyes all crazy, voice all creepy. He calls her a bad girl and says that the doctor will cut out her bad parts.

Wynonna Earp 108-2“Does insurance cover this, or?”

As soon as Reggie leaves the room, Wynonna’s tough-as-nails facade falls and her face crumples. She shakes and holds her necklace close, looking around for clues. She pulls back the curtain next to her and sees Bethany in the next bed.