Morning Brew – Evan Rachel Wood speaks out in support of Amber Heard

Good morning and Happy Memorial Day!

Apple edited a lesbian couple out of their international Mother’s Day ads.

African soccer player Cynthia Uwak doesn’t feel like she needs to define her sexuality for anyone:

“Whether I am gay, or straight or bisexual, it shouldn’t be defined by how I am dressed or not. There are gay people that except they tell you they are gay before you’ll know that they are. I am just living my life the way I feel I should live it. So, I don’t owe nobody any explanation or tell anybody if I am gay or straight or bisexual.”

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The Sense8 cast is having the best time at Sao Paulo Pride.

In some great news, the Alabama Supreme Court now recognizes same-sex adoption. Even if you weren’t so psyched on marriage equality, it positively affects other legislation such as this. 

Jodie Foster thinks she looks like Helen Hunt and Kristen Stewart.

Oregon’s bad ass bisexual governor Kate Brown talked openly about her time in the closet and coming out during her commencement speech at Willamette University.

Rumor has it two Bollywood stars are hooking up and in LESBIAN LOVE.

A woman seeks advice after her partner cheats on her with a guy and gets pregnant

Fuck yes, Evan Rachel Wood. I mean, even more than usual. The out actress is supporting Amber Heard and speaking out against ridiculous tabloid headlines that allege Amber’s “lesbian friends” urged her to leave husband Johnny Depp.

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Huffington Post’s video series The Spectrum tackles bisexuality.

And BTW: Sydney Is Getting a Nightclub Cum Arts Collective Just for Bisexual Women.

Also at HuffPo: I Cried the Day My Lesbian Daughter Took Her Girlfriend to the Prom and an interview with Kenyan lesbian activist and writer Tiffany Mugo.

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