“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.01): Things that go bump on the head

Frankie is at Nina’s hospital bed watching over her. OK, so this ship is officially on. Roliday? Hozzoli? Anway, Nina wakes up and despite the gunshot wound in her shoulder seems sore but OK. I breathe a big sigh of relief because, let’s face it, the last thing television needs is to kill off another woman of color. Us endangered TV species need to stick together.

Maura, who is indeed back at the office, is under the watchful eye of Smug Kent, not Jane. Hmm. I mean, I guess Jane’s used to handing her girlfriend off to beards and because Kent literally has a beard she thought that counted. At least he is doing pretty good hovering, And, like a good beard, he knows what to threaten Maura with to get her to behave. It’s Jane. The thing he threatens her with is telling Jane.


Jane and Korsak are stumped on finding Alice. But then Korsak makes the mistake of saying Maura’s profile of her might be wrong. Look, don’t tell a mentally and sexually frustrated Det. Jane Rizzoli the woman she loves could be wrong. That will only make her more aggravated and drive her to do something crazy.

Something crazy like going down to the lobby and talking to the gaggle of press who just happen to be hanging around because that’s what reporters do all they. They hang around with camera crews in police stations in hopes that someone will come downstairs and start antagonizing the primary suspect in an impromptu news conference.


Alice watches this all live on her phone. It’s good to know her secret lair has a strong enough wifi signal for streaming. Or maybe she’s getting a lot of buffering, causing her to make this face. Everyone hates buffering, amirite?


Jane is getting chewed out by Korsak for being a good, but a stubborn cop. She’ll have to go downtown to talk with the chief to answer for her press appearance. Jane says she just wanted to make sure no one else got hurt. See, this is what happens when Maura gets hurt. Jane goes apeshit bananas trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

At the Dirty Robber, Mama Rizzoli and Kiki are singing the blues about being the loved ones of those in blue. Mama R starts feeling particularly bad that her boyfriend Ron’s daughter had to learn about the danger he was in from TV. OK, that’s not great. But, uh, the lady sitting right next to you HAD HER WEDDING INTERRUPTED BY A SNIPER. So, yeah, perspective.


Jane checks in on her honey, who is still wearing those distracting bright pink pants. That’s another way you can tell Jane is making sure Maura takes it easy. Otherwise, you have to believe she would have peeled those puppies off already.

Jane tells her about being called “not camera friendly” or just “not friendly” by the police chief. And Maura counters that she is plenty friendly. Most of the time. Jane’s one of those classic people who will move mountains for her friends, but if she doesn’t know you–well, not friendly is a nice way to put it.


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