“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.01): Things that go bump on the head

Jane offers Maura a beer. Seems they’re still favoring Peroni Nastro Azzurro. But Maura can’t because of the head injury and all. Jane, who does not miss a thing when it comes to Maura, asks her where she was that afternoon. Maura admits she was getting her CT scan.

Jane then asks what she found out. Maura pretends there was nothing to find out. But, like I said, Jane doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to Maura. She says she knows because, “Because when you have something important to say you always exhale a lot louder than when you don’t.” Yes, one woman just told another woman she knows the intimate nature of her breathing patterns. Again, I just report what happens.


Maura finally admits that the fall caused some internal bleeding on her brain, which in turn has caused some “cognitive impairment.” In other words, she is forgetting some words. But, don’t worry, she now remembers “mass spectrometer” because she used a “memory palace” technique which she then details in full to Jane’s adoring bemusement.


Maura says she won’t worry about it and will let her friends help her and that they’ll get through it. Jane nods in agreement, but behind her soft eyes is hard steel. Because when next we see her she is walking into a church and straight to the confessional. And there she tells the priest it’s not what she has done, but what she is going to do that she needs to confess. Wow, is the Catholic Church really still that uptight about gay sex?

And now, your #gayzzoli tweets of the week for the final season premiere. 

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