“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.02): Alice through the jealousy glass

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Jane faces Alice. Maura forgets mass spectrometers. Frankie flirts with Nina. And Mama R finds herself alone again.

So Jane and Maura are clearly trying to mix things up. Because Maura is back at Jane’s place for a change. Or, maybe, it’s that they like having the extra privacy being away from Mama R affords. I mean she did just break up with Ron. You know to ease her heartbreak she is just non-stop haranguing these two for grandkids. I mean, God knows where the hell Tommy and Tommy Jr. are.


Maura calls Jane’s new digs “dark and masculine” which “kind of suits you.” Butch, honey. The word you’re looking for is butch. She has brought breakfast. For her a healthy quinoa quiche, for Jane a ginormous glazed twist. Maura may have experienced some cognitive impairments, but she still knows cops love their doughnuts.

Jane asks what the doctor said about her prognosis. I’m actually surprised, given how Maura granted her doctor-patient privileges, she hasn’t been haranguing the doctor herself every hour on the hour for updates.


Of course, Maura can’t resist teasing her girlfriend a little. She trails off mid-sentence and wonders aloud where she is. Jane’s eyes flash with instant concern. Then Maura’s face, filled with bewilderment, breaks into a sly smile. Yeah, so I guess they got that mental and physical rest period over with.

Maura then giggles in delight at having pranked her girlfriend and it’s all so cute I wish this silly little show could go on for 2,000 seasons. Jane gets a call and has to run, so Maura promises to lock up. Duh, she has a key. And then before leaving she takes a bite from Jane’s doughnut. Yep, no euphemisms here. None at all.


Frankie meets Maura at the Crime Scene of the Week. There they find Emma Swan’s VW Beetle crashed down an embankment and a young woman dead inside. It’s Frankie’s first case working lead on the fatal accident investigation team. Um, is that Frankie’s new team? He isn’t on homicide anymore? I don’t understand how this police department works.