A lesbian ratings stunt on “Greek”?

On an upcoming episode of the ABC Family show Greek, sorority member Rebecca (played by Dilshad Vadsaria) is going to kiss her friend Ashleigh’s openly gay sister, Robin (Anna Osceola). The synopsis of the episode, which will air on May 4 and called “Dearly Beloved,” says that Rebecca will kiss Robin during a bachelorette party game, and it will “spark her curiosity.”

Rebecca, left and Robin

Considering Greek‘s track record with these sorts of things (like, female story lines in general), and the fact that they’re touting this storyline in promos (and we all know how well that worked out for the lesbian storyline on House), I suspect this is a ratings stunt that leads to Rebecca having a brief “crisis” over her sexuality before deciding an episode or two later that it was just for fun, and she’s still a straight sorority girl. And we’ll never see Robin again.

At least it will probably be better, and last longer, than the lesbian scene in the web series Sorority Forever that aired online last year.

In a promo for the episode (which you can watch here), Rebecca talks to out fraternity brother Calvin about her new confusing feelings.

Will Rebecca end up being bisexual or a lesbian? Is another ratings-stunt lesbian storyline still better than no lesbian storyline at all?