“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.11): Chicks Dig Scars

*Trigger warning* In case you stumbled on this recap and haven’t seen the episode yet, because of the recent mass shooting in Orlando, I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that there are guns and shooting in this episode. But don’t worry, no one dies, unless you count Revenants being sucked back into hell.

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna found herself in a cult and saved a girl who went by Eve, who mysteriously was able to use Peacemaker, Doc tried to get the hell out of Purgatory, and Gus confirmed what we all had been wondering: Eve is actually Willa, back from the dead.

Willa is sleeping while Wynonna, Waverly and Gus watch over her, confused and a little overwhelmed.

Wynonna Earp 111-1 I mean surely staring at her while she sleeps won’t be weird for this traumatized girl, right?

I imagine it’s a lot to process, the big sister you thought was long dead strolling back into your life. They don’t want to tell anyone in the town just yet, especially since there’s still the slight possibility it’s not her; it’s not like her memory can confirm it. But Dolls shows up to stomp out that doubt with a DNA test. The guilt washes over Wynonna again, the feeling that they gave up on her, left her for dead, when she was still out there. Before she can drown in the thought of it, though, Willa wakes up with a gasp, but the nightmare doesn’t go away. She killed a man, and he got sucked into a fiery hole in the ground (Waverly Spencer Hastings her and informs her that actually she sent him to hell) and Wynonna comforts her the best way she knows how: giving her some booze and a very complicated and layered, “Welcome home.”

Somewhere across town, two guys break into a storage unit to release two women, and despite knowing they shouldn’t make eye contact, end up making eye contact and getting hypnotized and hella eaten.

At the homestead, Wynonna and Waverly take Willa to her old bedroom, hoping it will trigger some memories, and watch curiously as their big sister looks at the toys she left behind.

Wynonna Earp 111-2I wish the music box had played Once Upon a December.

Willa finds a little eyeless teddy bear and Waverly snatches it out of her hand protectively, earning a scolding glance from Wynonna. Willa is a little concerned to find a switchblade in a jewelry box, but the Earps are anything but ordinary. She asks if she can take a shower, and takes off her nightgown right then and there before wandering to the bathroom, still a little dead behind the eyes.

Wynonna is like, “She hates us.” And I’m going to pause here for what won’t be the first or last time I say this: Melanie Scrofano’s face is so fucking expressive. You could see the little 12-year-old girl in her, hoping her big sister will deem her worthy to hang out with. But Waverly was only six when all this went down; for the most part, Wynonna is the only sister she’s ever had, and seeing that look in Wynonna’s eyes is too much for her, so she says she’s off to see Nicole before the Poker Spectacular. Wynonna asks if her and Nicole are best friends now, and Waverly stops and looks at her and considers her response but decides to go with no response at all. Also, Wynonna just got back to time and would like to know what the hell a Poker Spectacular is, even though I think the name is pretty telling.

One thing a Poker Spectacular is is annoying to Bobo. Which means I like it already. Some old dude (the judge, I believe) brings him some weird-looking gems that will surely be important later, and the Maneater Twins…cheer him up.