“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.03): ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Maura bumps her head. Jane catches Alice. Kent won’t go away forever and leave them alone.

As Jane saunters in for her normal morning ritual at the Isles Estate (pretending she wasn’t there already after spending the night), Maura is doing some light reading. Just kidding, she is reading a diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. I prefer to read about incurable debilitating diseases with my morning scone, but to each her own.


Jane reminds her girlfriend that she doesn’t have a “mental disorder,” but a boo-boo to her brain. And everything will be fine because Det. Jane Rizzoli will not allow something to be wrong with Dr. Maura Isles–ever. So that’s settled.

Just then Mama Rizzoli walks, or should I say rolls, in with a suitcase filled with something. Oh, no. Is this another “Get rich quick!”-scheme? Mama R is being evasive saying it’s filled with books about “a bunch of subjects.” Just then her 20-something “study buddy” comes in. They’re studying for the GED. Angela never finished high school because her husband thought it was “a waste of my time.” OK, that settles it, ban men.


Speaking of doofy men, her study buddy is a hydroponic marijuana grower with a convertible. Though, now that I see Maura and Jane in their trench coats, I’m wondering why he suggested they drive with the top down. This is clearly not a top-down kind of day if our ladies require that kind of outerwear. And, on an only somewhat related note, why doesn’t this show put them in trench coats more? I know this is the last season, but who can I write about this?


The victim is a zombie, so this one’s for you folks who had been wishing for years for a Rizzoli & Isles/Walking Dead crossover. Fine, it’s a man in zombie makeup with some impressively real-looking intestinal trauma. Maura, being the adorable nerd she is, marvels at the accuracy of the fake wound application.