“Veep” recap (5.9): Catherine’s Documentary is a Love Story

On Sunday night’s episode of Veep, we finally got to see Catherine’s long-awaited documentary, Kissing Your Sister: The Story of a Tie, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Since the beginning of season five, Catherine’s constant filming has existed in the periphery of the show (much like Catherine herself), and we’ve been waiting to see what the fallout would be. After all, she’s capturing the Meyer campaign in all its profanity-filled, conniving glory. But despite the doc’s focus on Selina’s run-off for president, it quickly becomes about Catherine falling in love with Marjorie.

We see Marjorie asking Catherine out during an interview, where Catherine protests that she’s not gay. We’ve all been there, girl! We next see Catherine in bed with Marjorie, who teasingly calls her a lesbo. It’s delightful that, in a show so cynical, this relationship is portrayed so sweetly. I mean come on, look at Clea DuVall’s face!


The episode bounces through the recall vote, and we get glimpses of scenes we’ve already seen from different perspectives. We see that Selina plans to fire an oblivious Mike, and is already interviewing replacements. We watch Jonah drop curses in front of an elementary school class while Gary makes tea and tries to explain the financial crisis, and Kent with his Latino motorcycle club.  It’s a fun look at the private lives of all these characters that we rarely get a glimpse of.

Things hit a snag when Marjorie brings Catherine home to meet her family and introduces her as a work friend. Catherine gets upset, and the couple breaks up.

workfriend work2

To make matters worse, she ends up locked in a closet and forced to watch her mother bang Tom James on a historic sofa. Later on, Catherine seeks comfort in Selina, who tries to be supportive of the daughter she frequently ignores. It goes about how you would expect.

veep1 veep2 veep3 veep4

It’s finally voting day, and Jonah sleeps through the vote. Selina doesn’t secure enough votes, but neither does O’Brien, which means that Vice President Tom James is now the acting president. Selina’s crushing defeat is quickly ignored by Catherine’s camera, as Marjorie reveals that she came out to her parents and that she loves Catherine. Catherine responds in kind, and the two are reunited.


The episode ends with Catherine and Marjorie living happily ever after (for now) feeding cows and pigs at their animal sanctuary. Also, Catherine calls Marjorie “the kissing sister I never knew I had,” which is the least romantic/grossest thing I’ve ever heard. 

Veep has made a fake site for the documentary, www.kissingyoursisterfilm.comwhich I highly recommend. The site is hilarious (much like the Jonah Ryan campaign site they made) and is full of queer in-jokes and easter eggs.

I’m excited to see what happens in Sunday’s season finale, which I’ll be live-tweeting at @ChelseaProcrast with the #Marjorine.