“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.2): If the Suit Fits

Regina Spektor’s been singing the same song for four seasons now, but the lyrics “trapped trapped trapped ‘til the cage is full” has never resonated so clearly. In this season of OITNB, the villain is overcrowding, courtesy of the corporate overlords at MCC. Litchfield is already a tense place, and the influx of new inmates can only aggravate and intensify everything in it. This season is not going to be pretty.

We open with Maria Ruiz vying for a sink in the bathroom, before giving up and brushing her teeth in the kitchen sink. Gloria scolds her, while Aleida is assuring Daya that Cesar will weasel his way out of his arrest. Daya is pissed because her baby is in the foster care system now when it could be living it up in luxury with Delia, Pornstache’s mom.

or1My baby would be enjoying cold pressed juices right now if it weren’t for you!

or2No grandchild of mine will be spending 11 bucks for juice!

Back in the dorms, Red can’t sleep over the epic noise of her bunkie’s snoring. White feels awful about it, but it’s hardly something she can control. Piper continues to harangue Hapakuka for minor infractions, like hanging her towel over the bunk to let it dry. I really love how Hapakuka is handling Piper’s bullying by calmly cutting her down with logic. Way to keep a level head, kid. Speaking of bunkie disputes, Tovah gets into it with Alison, her Muslim cellmate. Jews and Muslims not getting along? SHOCKING.

Caputo calls a prison-wide meeting in the chapel, where he tries to assuage the overcrowding complaints by passing out free ear plugs and installing port-a-potties in the yard to control the bathroom overflow. These feeble attempts fail, and Sister Ingalls demands to know where Sophia is, as do we all. Piscatella tries to lead the inmates in a deep breathing exercise, but who can breathe with so much bullshit in the air?

Blanca turns to Maria and points out the new world order: with the influx of new inmates, the Latinas are now in the majority, specifically the Dominicans. With that, we get into our first flashback of the season: Maria’s story. We meet Maria’s father, El Leon, a Dominican nationalist who is speaking in front of large group of compatriots. He attacks the Mexicans for creeping into the Dominican drug trade, before raising a glass to celebrate Maria’s birthday. We see baby Maria in her father’s arms as he gladhands members of the community; making deals, giving out money, and taking care of his people.

or3Who knew baby Maria was such a huge Claire Danes fan?