Paola Turbay Cast as the Lesbian Cop in “The Closer”

Paola Turbay has been cast in the The Closer‘s recurring lesbian detective role we mentioned in February.

The actress, who was born in Houston, TX but raised in Bogot√°, was crowned Miss Colombia in 1991, and went on to develop an acting career in Colombian and then American television.

Turbay has recently guest starred in several episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and also stars in the popular CBS online series Novel Adventures, about a book club.

She played the wife of Jimmy Smits character in the short-lived CBS series Cane from 2007-2008.

“They were looking for a latina detective for this fifth season [of The Closer], a physically strong and efficient woman” Turbay told Colombian newspaper El Tiempo. “I went to do the audition and the next Friday I was in a meeting with all the actors receiving the scripts.”

Det. Mendoza is the chief of an LAPD assistance squad. “My department is the one that has to kick in the doors and enter a building with weapons drawn to make sure there’s no danger,” Turbay continued. “We do all the heavy work. I already had to kick in doors, jump over cars, jump out a window, fall on a car, and fall off it with my weapon drawn.”

Cable TV’s highest-rated series, The Closer stars Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a former Atlanta detective brought to Los Angeles to head a special LAPD homicide unit who has a problem with work-life balance (and snack foods).

Det. Mendoza clashes with Brenda Leigh, according to the casting sides for the role.

The fifth season of The Closer starts June 8 on TNT.