The cast and creator of “Wynonna Earp” on #WayHaught, Bury Your Gays and more

Every time someone asks me about Wynonna Earp, I come up with a new way to describe it. I’ve used things like, “If Jessica Jones somehow existed in both the Whedonverse and Canada,” or “If Buffy and Bo had a reluctant gunslinger baby,” etc. But really there’s no way to compare Wynonna Earp to anything else, because it’s so unique and special all on its own. Technically it’s a story about a descendant of legendary Wyatt Earp, cursed to send the Revenants of everyone her great-great-great grandfather shot down decades ago back to the hell dimension they came from. But it’s about so much more than that. It’s about family, it’s about love, it’s about self-discovery and whether you can control your own fate. And it’s about fierce women embracing their badassery in its various forms.

On a conference call we were part of earlier this week, Emily Andras said it best when she described how happy it makes her when people see the show and say, “It’s a really strong feminist show or it has really good representation or we’re trying to talk about themes that are kind of interesting even though it’s the demon cowgirl show.”

Okay so now go watch all 13 episodes before reading this spoiler-sprinkled interview. I’ll wait.

All caught up? Awesome, right? Okay, let’s get back to the call.

On this call, we asked Melanie Scrofano (who plays the eponymous character) if Wynonna getting to know Nicole Haught on her own terms would help when she inevitably finds out that she’s dating Waverly. And while she said she loves that what they do as actors is always open to interpretation, her view of it is this:

“I feel like Wynonna just—if you’re a good person, she’s in. And if you’re a shitty person, she’s not in,” Melanie said. “And Officer Haught clearly is not a shitty person….One of her goals in life is to make sure that her sister is okay, and whoever is going to do that and do right by her, I think Wynonna is cool with.”

Wynonna Earp 107-7

Which I think is a beautiful interpretation, and I think is how we all hope all of our family members will react to us coming out.