“The Fosters” recap (4.02): Sneaky Snakey

Previously on The Fosters, everyone is fine but shaken up after a lockdown at the school. Nick is somewhere in the Adams Foster home for teenage idiocy with his daddy’s gun, but no one has found him yet.

We begin in the living room where Stef and Lena are telling the kids that they are all stuck in the house with no phones, Internet, or computers. It’s quite convenient that when the internet went nutso with the story that Callie and Brandon had sex that the moms had a ready-made excuse to keep the kids from finding out about their boning brother and sister.

Lurking through this whole episode is the sense that Nick is just going to jump out from behind a curtain or from behind a door. It’s very stressful. I’m not going to belabor the point here but it’s what drives a lot of the tension in the story. That and wondering when the hell the moms are going to read Brandon the freaking riot act. It’s the fourth season; by now we’re good at waiting.

Fosters 4021

Lena isn’t sure that taking away all of the kids’ electronics is the answer but she waits until they are gone to bug Stef about it. This is Parenting 101.  If they don’t have their phones and computers then Nick can’t try to get in touch with Jesus or Mariana. It’s just a bonus that it means they can’t all sign onto Fost ‘N Found.

Stef and Lena don’t know what they are going to with Brandon and Callie but for now, there’s nothing to do but sit tight and hope an unstable teenager with a gun doesn’t show up. Stef has asked for a police car to be parked outside overnight. Good thinking, Stefanie.

Fosters 4022What do you say we go lockdown the bedroom?

Brandon wants his keyboard and his helicopter sounds from the garage. Stef say he can go get them as long as he promises to lock the door when he’s done. Brandon gets the keyboard, hears a noise but doesn’t see Nick hiding, and of course forgets to lock the door. #ThatsSoBrandon

Callie is curled up in bed when AJ comes in and scares the living hell out of her. He knows about the lockdown and what everyone is saying on Fost ‘N Found. Mariana walks in and wants to know all about what’s being said online. So they grab AJ’s laptop, turn on the shower to cover for them and sit on the floor in the bathroom. But Mariana can’t login because these dummies gave Justina administrator privileges on the site and now they’re screwed. Mariana wants in so she can delete all the crap people are saying about Callie but Callie’s resigned to the fact that they have lost the site and there’s nothing to do about it. Oh Callie, when was the last time Mariana gave up that easily on anything? After Mariana leaves the bathroom to cook up a new scheme, AJ apologizes to Callie for not believing that she and Brandon were done.