“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.6): Puff, Puff, Pass

We open with Luschek and his friend debating the pros and cons of showing up to work under the influence; it’s terrible advice for those of you who indulge. Also, Luschek has enough for a motorcycle and a truck, yet both are incapacitated. Wicked priorities he’s got there. His mailbox is also overflowing according to Gerber Baby Baxter. A dear friend of his has been writing letters from downhill, not your average “Come to Brazil” celebrity type fanmail, unfortunately.  

Love LettersThese aren’t love letters

We’re down in max; I hope we see Miss Claudette, though I doubt it. Nicky has earned her three-year sobriety chip; her speech is realistic and touching. She doesn’t get to cherish it too long as the plastic is considered contraband. 

The unofficial Aryan Nation of Litchfield really wants Piper as their leader. Vause is ignoring the previous night’s rendezvous in Piper’s bunk and everything else that’s on her mind at the moment. She nearly spills the murder beans in a rage at their now off relationship then storms away. 

silenceHave you tried silence? I hear it’s in season this year

Ruiz and crew celebrate the genius of Maritza and her stealthy skills with a Snickers. Gotta count the small wins every now and then. The employee/employer dynamic is much more welcoming than Piper’s now struggling business. Panty Galore is now my roller derby name if I ever grow the courage. The crew likes the way things are going, and they want to up their game to the hard stuff. Ruiz isn’t having it; the proposition is cut short by the newly formed Litchfield Safety Task Force (White Pride Lite) on behalf of too many inmates congregating. Miss Jim Crow 2016 throws out some slurs and the fact that she’s outnumbered has slipped her mind. Defending themselves sadly earns them a round of shots and not the good stuff Luschek is carrying around in that coffee mug. 

Caputo is on an inmate rescue mission after being inspired by his new hero Kip. An education program to quell boredom, it’s actually brilliant. Except it’s just filler for a lack of jobs and a lot of their newfound issues are directly related to overcrowding. Caputo thinks it will save the women and Linda reminds him of the cost end of his “career-defining” improvements. She outright tells him the framework of her succubus talents regarding MCC’s board, but he’s too excited that she believes in him to even register that key information. I might have to take some notes on the whole getting the significant other to make breakfast thing, very efficient.