“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.6): Puff, Puff, Pass

The Hall Monitors give their weekly report of behavior around Litchfield, which is really just a mention of the decrease of prison graffiti. Racial slurs are flying like vultures to a fresh carcass, but that’s to be expected from a pair who between them has a Swastika and the Confederate flag tattooed. The only thing missing is a salute from this congregation of inmates. Instead, panty theft is mentioned, and Piper tries to revert back to gang activity; her Aryan compatriots don’t know she’s the founder of the whole operation. 

racistBeyonce’ winning a CMT award for “Daddy Lessons” is ridiculous, Piper.

A nice shout out to the women in soccer kicking ass since forever I hear. Luschek has some serious job security for him to behave so recklessly while on the clock with a dozen or so inmates lives under his watch. Reason number 47 of why you shouldn’t just hand untrained inmates’ heavy construction equipment. How is it that an actual rapist gets that inmates are still people and deserve respect? The very respect he violated a season before, interesting.

We catch Nicky on her janitorial rounds down in max, and she finds Sophia while she’s mopping up the hall in SHU. Oh, my dear sweet Sophia how I have missed you. She asks for a blanket as her cell has been cleared of all furniture due to her rebellion; it’s all in vain due to the heightened security. In lieu of a blanket, she hands her a magazine through the door as a sign of solidarity.

Back up the hill in minimum security, the halls are clogged due to a newly introduced Stop and Frisk checkpoint. Piper, Big Boo, and Hapakuka queue through the line on edge knowing that the guards are searching for inmates wearing anything but tighty whities. However, they’re in luck as the selection process mirrors every random check at TSA with the heavy racial assumptions. Piper and Big Boo are the only ones truly guilty despite clearing the line without incident. Thankfully Hapakuka isn’t wearing any and she makes it out save. Did she ever join that part of the business or is she just the “muscle” Piper needs for appearances? 

MoanaI wonder if I can get furlough to go see “Moana”

Our relatively friendly Black hotties find a drone photo of Judy King in a tabloid, and they concoct a genius scheme to get in on the money flow. Taystee’s job is finally coming through in the clutch. 

Lolli and her knew understanding buddy Healy walk around the grounds discussing the fictional and real Twilight Zone they live in. 

Red comes to collect the keys of the man fertilizing the vegetables outside of the greenhouse. Sleep deprivation in a place like this appears worse than a string of nightmares.