“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.6): Puff, Puff, Pass

Big Boo is worried about the Stop and Frisks while Piper is floating on a cloud of her own racial privilege. She is reminded that if one of Ruiz’s girls is caught then Piper will likely be the name dropped for a lighter punishment. Clearly something that hadn’t even crossed her mind due to her ignoring the fact that several inmates hate her. Piper talks the talk, but when it comes down to it, she doesn’t kill the walk. Her mission to find purpose in every action is blinding her from the realities of her situation and those around her. 

liftDo you even lift Pipes?

Cooking with Judy King is more popular than a chicken and waffles restaurant that has bottomless mimosas. Poussey is living every Food Network fans dream, well minus the prison aspect of it. King and Luschek share fresh butter and crackers and rehash the extremely friendly pen pal he’s got. Naturally, he’s conflicted, King feeds into his Oedipus complex and dishes out a main course of truth. He’s only “half a piece of shit,” which at Litchfield is more than qualifying for employment. She’s right about him needing to figure out how to fix his mistakes but very wrong for that Black grandma joke. And she reels me right back in reminding him of his very real white male privilege. 

A scan around the yard in Max serves as a mini reunion for those who went above and beyond at Litchfield. Still no sighting of Miss Claudette, a saint that woman, well sort of. Stella has returned for all the heart eye emojis and a bit of familiarity with our girl Nicky. The yellow brick road of drugs isn’t hard to find down where security should be harsher. Sticking to her now confiscated three-year sobriety chip, Nicky leaves in a huff when Stella gets a special package from a guard. 

kangaroo pouchWait, you don’t have a kangaroo pouch?

First and foremost, definitely read Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie it is an amazing book. Litchfield’s own version of Judaism vs. Islam emerges again when it’s revealed that Abdullah has something the crew needs for their money scheme. In exchange for some of the very limited tampons, she will grant usage of her contraband phone. Tovah loses this battle due to her religious pride but the war betwixt them is far from over. 

Luschek the brilliant mind visits Nicky down in maximum security. One can only wonder how he thought this particular scenario would play out. At least one in shower premonition could’ve predicted this and saved him a lot of time. Naturally, Nicky is less than happy to see him; as outlined in her various letters. Then to save himself from apologizing he flips the situation to blame her in a way. Nicky thanks him for the trip to sobriety in a world where drugs are easier to access than ever. Worst clearing of a conscious ever award goes to Luschek. 

queefSorry I queefed in your mouth.

We pan to a romantic rendezvous in the showers. Usually the spare hand is for a boob squeeze here and there, but Poussey mostly needs Soso to quiet down no matter how much she’s enjoying this. Is it safe to say we’ve all had this conversation at least once? Please tell me there’s an online guide to queer lingo. If yes, link me in the comments.