“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.7): How Do You Solve a Problem Like Lolly?

Everyone welcomes Nicky back with hugs, but no one is happier to see her than Red. The guards threaten to give her a shot for hugging Nicky, but Red blows them off and tells them that some things can’t be rushed. I’m so glad that Nicky is back; Natasha Lyonne is great, but the Nicky/Red relationship was one of my favorites, and I missed it last season. While everyone catches up with Nicky, Lolly is sneaking around and collecting trash. We FLASHBACK to see Lolly’s friend Anne-Marie taking her for a tour of an assisted living home. Anne-Marie is sympathetic, but she tells Lolly that she doesn’t know what to do with her. And there’s nothing she can do: she’s not family, and she’s an adult. After getting creeped out by one of the residents, Lolly runs away.

or3Red and Nicky are my OTP

Back at Litchfield, Judy King finds out that an old video of hers was leaked. Nope, it’s not a sex tape (she’s been there done that), it’s a wildly racist puppet show for children. Yoga Jones is horrified, but Judy protests that she’s not racist. Here’s a fun tip: if you find yourself repeatedly assuring folks you’re not racist, you’re probably racist. Guys, do you remember how racist the 80’s were? Watch any ’80s comedy and prepare to be horrified. Yoga sees Suzanne spying on them, and thinks that the Black inmates are going to attack Judy when in reality they just want their paparazzi shot. LOL racist misunderstandings! They finally get a good shot, but it looks like Tovah is trying to kill Judy King. Whelp, it tells a story.  Unfortunately, Alison’s phone dies, and she doesn’t have a charger.

or4This would be so much easier if we had a drone

Over in Spanish Harlem, Daya is pissed that Aleida quit studying for the GED. Aleida doesn’t see the point, considering that GED or not, she will still be a convicted felon looking for work. The stakes are doubly high for Daya, who has her younger siblings and her newborn in foster care. Daya tells her she has to figure out some way to make a legal living, but Aleida spits out angrily that she is not good at anything.

Out in the yard, Nicky is jonesing for heroin and trying to buy drugs, but she’s distracted by Piper’s white power posse. Piper spills to Nicky that she never meant to add time to Maria’s sentence, and she feels trapped in the Nazi bed that she’s made for herself. Nicky invites her to her welcome back party, and Piper cries because she doesn’t have any not racist friends anymore. Nicky is still adjusting to this bizarre version of Litchfield, where Big Boo is little, Morello is married, and Piper is a Nazi. Morello fills Nicky in on the Shower Pooper mystery, and Nicky immediately realizes that someone is swallowing and shitting out drugs.

or5Listen up Sherlocks; a Mycroft is talking