“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.7): How Do You Solve a Problem Like Lolly?

Piscatella brings Lolly to Healy over the trash theft, but Lolly claims she’s innocent. Healy tries to talk her out of her delusions, but Lolly’s problems can’t be fixed with conversation. We FLASHBACK to Lolly living off the grid, in a homeless camp. Despite the squalor, she seems to be at peace. She strolls all day through the neighborhood, selling people coffee from her cart and recycling cans. Whenever the voices get too loud, she shakes a makeshift rain stick to drown them out.

Linda and Caputo celebrate the education proposal over dinner, where it turns out that MCC cut all the educational programs and replaced them with vocational work. It’s a chain gang masquerading as an education program, so the inmates won’t even get their 11 cents an hour. Caputo is butthurt about it, but soulless Linda doesn’t care.

Healy brings Lolly to Nicky’s party in an effort to keep her from isolating herself. But Lolly’s head is overrun with voices, telling her that she has no friends and that everyone is against her. Lolly starts spinning out. We FLASHBACK to a dirtier, rougher looking Lolly, who pushes her cart through her freshly gentrified neighborhood. Her cart wheel gets stuck, and she’s approached by some police. She tries talking to them, but the voices overpower her. She tries shaking her rain stick, but the officers only see a weapon, so she’s arrested.

or6See, Dottie caught the ball, but she dropped it because she knew I wanted it more.

Aleida brings a private meal to Judy King (on orders from Caputo) and Judy compliments her nails. Aleida realizes that maybe she is good at something. Also, Yoga Jones got a Soda Stream. The white power crew wants to expand their territory, and Piper snaps at them that they need to stop demonizing other races. She storms off, and the inmates chalk it up to white shame. Sister Ingalls and Gloria as Nicky if she saw Sophia in SHU, and Nicky tells them about the bloody scene she saw in the cell. Red watches Nicky sneak off with Angie to score drugs, and her heart breaks.

Healy finds Lolly in the laundry room, where she has built a time machine out of all the trash she’s purloined. It’s a quiet, safe space for her, and Healy and joins her in the machine. They talk about time travel, and what they would do differently if they could. Lolly tells Healy that she knows the voices aren’t real, but that doesn’t mean that they have nothing to say. Healy thinks about doing some time traveling of his own, and they both sit in silence with tears in their eyes.

or7I wish we could time travel back to Season 1 too, Mr. Healy

Piper, now ostracized from every group, apologizes to Hapakuka for being terrible. Hapakuka asks her if they can talk outside where it’s quiet, and as soon as they step into the hallway, Piper is attacked by Maria’s gang. They drag her to the kitchen and pin her down while Maria brands a swastika into her arm. This show is getting dark, y’all.