Morning Brew – Aubrey Plaza: “I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it.”

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The A.V. Club celebrates how progressive SyFy has gotten in its programming

A Michigan mom has lost rights to her 8-year-old because she wasn’t legally married to her ex-partner, the bio mom, during their 13-year relationship. Because, you know, marriage equality wasn’t a thing yet. Sigh.

A study found that LGBT women are more accepting of their bodies than heterosexual women.

WNBA player Layshia Clarendon talks about being “biracial, black, gay, female, genderqueer and Christian” with NBC.

Aubrey Plaza says she’s totally down with women hitting on her:

I don’t mind. I know I have an androgynous thing going on, and there’s something masculine about my energy. Girls are into me — that’s no secret. Hey, I’m into them too. I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it.

GettyImages-545143886Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Her younger sister is also a lesbian and she admits to having a crush on Natasha Lyonne so I think we can officially say “our team,” right?

Melissa Etheridge reminisces about playing in lesbian bars and coffee houses at the beginning of her career.

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry says she’s just friends with her lesbian pal; it doesn’t mean they’re dating.

Jackie Cruz details her favorite Orange is the New Black ships in this video.

Ruby Rose is Marie Claire Australia’s cover girl this month.


Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark seemed to have a good time at Taylor Swift‘s Rhode Island house, where they spent the fourth with Ruby and a bunch of other hot people.

The Hollywood Reporter did a deep dive into the real-life drug smuggling ring that inspired Orange is the New Black.

Out USWNT Coach Jill Ellis talks Rio and Megan Rapinoe.

Two moms with a pretty incredible story are on the cover of this month’s Gay ParentKreston and Andrea Ott-Dahl were surrogates for another couple when they found out the baby would be born with down syndrome. The mother wanted to terminate the pregnancy, but Kreston and Andrea are now raising Delaney as part of their family.


Need a new series to check out with a queer lead? Try Delivery Kids.

Today in Lesbianish TV:

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (rerun)

Good Morning America (ABC 7 a.m.)

Flophouse “Hoverboards at Babe Island” (Viceland 9 a.m.)  – With Cameron Esposito (rerun)

Saturday Night Live (Comedy Central 10:28 a.m./11:33 a.m., 3:05 a.m.) (rerun)

The View (ABC 11 a.m.) (rerun)

Buffy “Angel” (Pivot 11 a.m.) (rerun)

The Wrestler
(HBO Zone 11:50 a.m., 9 p.m.)

Grey’s Anatomy marathon (Lifetime 12 p.m.)

Steven Universe (Cartoon 1 p.m.) (rerun)

The Hours (Pivot 1:30 p.m.)
The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.)

General Hospital (ABC 2 p.m.)

Ellen (Laff 3 p.m./3:30 p.m.) (rerun)

Clarence (Cartoon 3 p.m./3:30 p.m.) (rerun)

Archer marathon (Comedy Central 3:21 p.m., FXX 12 a.m.)
Beat Bobby Flay “Old Dog, New Tricks” (Food Network 3:30 p.m.) (rerun)

Girl Code marathon (MTV2 3:40 p.m.)
Will & Grace “Fagmalion: Gay It Forward” (Logo 4 p.m., 2:08 a.m.) (rerun)
Friends “The One With Two Parts, Pt. 1” (TBS 4:30 p.m.) (rerun)

Starz Insider: Ghostbusters (Starz 5:15 p.m.)

Ray Donovan “Marisol” (Showtime Extreme 7 p.m., Showtime 9 p.m., 1 a.m.)

Empire marathon (TV One 7 p.m.)

Adventure Time “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars” (Cartoon 7:30 p.m.)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Marooned” (CW 8 p.m.) (rerun)

Chasing Amy (TMC Xtra 8 p.m.)

Ridiculousness “Ireland Baldwin” (MTV 8:30 p.m.) (rerun)

The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.)

Laurel Canyon (IndiePlex 9 p.m.)
Code Black “First Date” (CBS 9:59 p.m.) (rerun)

Match Game (ABC 10 p.m.) – With Rosie O’Donnell

Roadies “What Would Phil Do?” (Showtime 10 p.m., 12 a.m.)

Party Legends “What Are You Into?” (Viceland 10:30 p.m.) – With Margaret Cho
Late Night With Seth Meyers (NBC 12:37 a.m.) – Guest: Brandy Clark (rerun)
Suited (HBO2 2:15 a.m.)
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