“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.8): Way Too Far

Piper’s silent cries layered over the seemingly softer snores of her bunkmate lull you into a somber opening; all of which are bashed once Red finds her mirror is missing. She’s still got to make breakfast, mirror be damned. Hell will be raised once she figures out who robbed her. Hapakuka has a moment of remorse after seeing the tearstained face of Piper. Being branded is pretty harsh, but with Piper’s actions, it is an apt punishment.

chickenWhere is that chicken!?

One wonders where all the female CO’s have gone and why they aren’t assigned to be Judy King’s personal bathroom security. They’re already in prison they don’t need the horrible leering of CO Dixon. Suzanne is such a treat in every scene, and now I have an extreme need for Uzo to put on a sock puppet show akin to “Harry Potter Puppet Pals.” Yoga Jones is living the life with her new roommate it’s almost like what I’d imagine the Four Seasons experience is. They’ve even got room service. Judy King’s recovery from her very racist puppet show will not be an easy one. It’s a battle of hypocrisy between the two of them and my bets are on Judy King.

mouthThe proper technique is with your mouth open, like this.

It’s still really funny that former slacker Cal is doing a lot better than Piper as far as their life paths. Of course he’s the type to be shopping for a banjo. Hearing about her new niece or nephew while still healing slowly from her new brand must be tough. Buying clothing from thrift stores to sell overseas is so elitist and maybe don’t do that because people who can’t afford new clothing need thrift stores right here in America. He’s right about one thing, women are terrifying, but in the most fantastic way. Do people actually buy fiddles and banjos for their children? Are they accompanied with the grass stalk to hold in your mouth or is that a BYO type of situation?

We’ve all been waiting for this reunion. One can only imagine the flashbacks rushing to Morello’s mind when Nicky points out their former rendezvous point. The lines of cheating differ from relationship to relationship, but going by Morello’s guidelines she’s definitely already crossed it. Even if she hadn’t prior, Nicky bringing up their memories in the shower stall definitely brought all of that back to the front of her mind. No does, in fact, mean no; not convince me to change my mind. The reality of her marriage is that they hardly know each other. Despite consummating it, they are strangers. Perhaps reminding her of the potential cheating that her husband could be committing was unwise as Morello has serious trust issues and heightened rage towards potential infidelity.