“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.9): Playing with Power

Maritza and Flaca are playing a game of Would You Rather, where they have to choose between eating 10 dead flies or one live baby mouse. Maritza chooses the mouse, and they are interrupted by Humps, who tells them in Spanish that he knows what they are up to. Ugh, this fucking guy.

or3This guy is really fucking up our chances of a spin-off show

Blanca is about to get frisked when the guard recoils from her smell. In an instant, not showering has gone from an annoyance to a form of civil disobedience. We FLASHBACK to Dario and Blanca flirting while he helps them with Millie’s wheelchair. Millie yells at Blanca to hurry up, and later fires Dario so she won’t be distracted. Blanca is furious, and Millie tells her if she plays her cards right, she could inherit the house when she dies.

Aleida is two days from release, and Daya tries to share a moment with her before she goes. We’ve seen Aleida blow off Daya before because she didn’t want to deal with her emotions, but Daya sees through her mother’s brusqueness. Later on, Aleida asks Gloria to look out for Daya like a daughter and to keep prison from hardening her.

Caputo calls Judy and Tovah into his office and demands to know what the fuck they are up to. Judy and Tovah are not backing down, though, and are playing up their fake relationship all over the prison. This pisses off Soso, who feels like their fake relationship is outshining her real one with Poussey.

or4Don’t worry babe; we’re still in the running for prom queens!

The chain gang continues to work, and everyone wonders what it is they’re building. Piper is feeling major crack regret, and Alex still dreams of burgers. Piper tries to flirt with Bayley to bring them some Shake Shack, but he’ll only do it for a hand job. That burger must be AMAZING. Pennsatucky tells Boo that Coates apologized for raping her and that she wants to forgive him and move on. Big Boo thinks they should have raped him back, and tells Penns that if she starts being friendly with him, she will cut her off completely. 

Sister Ingalls decides to get sent to SHU so she can confirm that Sophia is still there. But given that she’s a tiny white nun, no one takes any of her transgressions seriously. Gloria tells her that she needs to up her game, so she punches Gloria in the face. Coates finally takes her to SHU, and everyone cheers her on.


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