“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.10): How to Be an Ally

Aleida is finally being released, but it seems that no one on the guard side of things remembered. Watching her walk down the hall with her daughter and Gloria is bittersweet. CO McCollough proves that tact isn’t a job requirement with her tale of another former inmates midnight release, but we already knew that looking at her coworkers. One can only hope she doesn’t return to Litchfield and that maybe her nail salon dreams actually come true. 

We return to the cafeteria and Blanca is still standing up on that table over a puddle of her own urine, nodding off to sleep, very determined this one. Piscatella’s reign of compensating terror continues as he encourages CO Stratman that he did the right thing, and he is the law down in the trenches. Her Dominican compatriots encourage her to stick it out for the long haul, akin to Jesus and his own death sentence. Unfortunately, that leads us to the neo-Nazi table and their debates on the religious figures heritage. It shifts to ridicule as one of them flings oatmeal at Blanca, not to be upstaged she takes the food as an offering and eats it. 

oxStrong like an ox, that one.

Piper feels guilty for rounding the troops against the Dominicans. However, Alex reminds her that those were the very people to scar her forever. She likens the prison to a social experiment; Alex wants her to mind her own business, but the reality is that it affects all of the prisoners. Piscatella shows more of his humanity by threatening prisoners who offer Blanca food with more physical punishments. This show is looking more and more like the actual prison system within this country. 

Outside of Litchfield Aleida is being picked up before she can leave a CO hands her a picture drawn by Daya. She tries to keep up her hard exterior, but we all know she’s touched. Being picked up from prison by your children’s fathers other baby momma has to make for an awkward ride. 

uberThey told me that Uber’s have snacks.

Sister Ingalls continues her search for Sophia down in SHU and with a very timid voice behind a huge red door, it seems she has found her. The likelihood of them reuniting in their situation is slim to none, but the potential joy that Sophia has knowing that someone who cares is aware of her location is enough for me. 

Red offers to help Nicky with the withdrawal process and is swiftly denied. Nicky assures her that this isn’t her first time quitting drugs, and she’s got this. Having quit seven times is only a reminder that not a single one of those times stuck. Hopefully for her sake, this time, it actually works.