A lesbian couple is part of the murder mystery on “Guilt”

Freeform’s new drama series Guilt revolves around Grace (Daisy Head), an American student living in London, whose pregnant roommate Molly (Rebekah Wainwright) was murdered in their apartment after a crazy night of partying. Grace and her boyfriend Luc were asleep on the roof when Molly was killed, but their memories were hazy about the evening because of how much drugs and alcohol they consumed. As they were walking to their apartment door, they ran into Grace and Molly’s other roommate Roz (Simona Brown) who was instantly pissed once they walked in and saw how messy the apartment was. Grace went to Molly’s room to wake her up and make her help clean up the apartment but Molly wasn’t there. She then walked into the kitchen where she found Molly, stabbed to death and laying on the floor.

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At first, the police are convinced Grace killed Molly and once the media got a hold of it, the story hit the press: “American girl kills Irish roommate.” Grace pleads with police that she would never kill her friend and although she doesn’t remember much about the night, she knows she would never hurt Molly. At this point, Grace and her boyfriend are basically freaking out because not only are the police all over them, but now the entire world is starting to talk shit about Grace and saying she is a murderer.

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This does not sit well with either one of them so they decide they need to get away for a few days and they head to Paris, because of course leaving town is the best idea when there is a murder investigation going on and you are one of the suspects! The police find out they left town and this raises more flags about whether they are guilty or not. Thankfully, Grace’s sister Natalie comes to her rescue and is there to support her sister once she is picked up and taken back to London by the cops. Natalie also happens to be an attorney in the U.S., so although she isn’t familiar with the law in London, she has some knowledge about how to help her sister.

Meanwhile, there is Roz who, honestly, is shady as fuck.

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She convinces Kaley (Amber Jean Rowan), the woman she is dating, to become a sex worker a high-end end brothel. Come to find out, Molly was also an employee at this brothel. Money seems to be the only thing Roz is concerned with, she even stole Molly’s phone (the one the police have been searching for) and bribed Grace’s step-dad James (who was having a secret affair with Molly). Roz and Kaley get so much money from these “jobs” that they have sex on top of the money because what else would you do with it?

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The police seemed to have moved on from Grace as a suspect, or at least are looking at the possibility of another suspect and not focusing all their time on Grace. The plot thickens as more and more people are found in connection to Molly somehow, whether it’s her former professor that both she and Grace once had an affair with (who is now dead because his crazy ass wife shot him while he was getting his ass kicked by Molly’s brother), or Grace’s step-dad who is acting super suspicious or the prince of London who was a frequent visitor of the brothel and apparently very fond of his “time” with Molly.

Things are just getting warmed up with this show and I love how juicy and soapy it is. If you found yourself enthralled in the Amanda Knox case, this show is definitely for you.

Guilt airs Monday nights on Freeform.