12 Bold Lesbians Who Inspire Fashion Goals

I must confess: I love clothes. I love fashion. As much as Regina George probably did. I spend a lot of time looking at screengrabs of the stuff that the fictional characters on my television either to admire or to gleefully whisper “What is Aria wearing?” The thing is, though, admitting that I am interested in clothing and fashion often feels like an admission that yes, I am bubble-headed and trifling. We tend to dismiss clothing, and interest in clothing, as superficial. I tend to think this is because the designing and sewing and admiring of clothes is a traditionally female domain. (It was also one of the first professional fields in a which a woman could make a living).

So yeah, I love fashion. And one of the many, many things I love about queer women is the diversity of how we express ourselves sartorially. We dress like Portia de Rossi. We dress like Lea DeLaria. We dress like Samira Wiley, Rachel Maddow, Lena Waithe, Tegan and Sara Quin, and everything in between. (So one small disclaimer: I cannot possibly hope to cover the all of the diverse, creative ways in which we gay ladies express ourselves sartorially in one article).

So the upshot, here is that I have a folder on my computer labeled “Queer Girl Outfit Goals” full of images of outfits worn by different TV show characters. Which I have now decided to share with you, dear reader. (You’re welcome.)

Nomi Marks and Amanita, Sense8tumblr_o51lg985Je1s1bunio2_1280

We are introduced to Nomi and Amanita when they are both naked, but for a rainbow strap-on. But that is just the beginning of the rich beautiful love story that plays out with Nomi dressed like the quintessential Sf tech geek dream girl and Amanita looking like a bohemian. Nomi dresses like a laid-back Bay Area hipster in plaid button-downs, T-shirts, blazers, capris, and canvas sneakers. Usually topped off with a pair of glasses with black plastic frames. Amanita, meanwhile, wears lots of rings, lots of earrings, statement necklaces and belts, tank tops of the flowy-bohemian and henley variety, leggings, and brightly colored/patterned trousers. Red nails and fuchsia lipstick. And costumes. Lots of costumes. (Amanita’s love of costumes actually becomes a plot point early on in the season. I think the fact that she rescues Nomi while dressed as a nurse may qualify her as an actual costumed superhero.)

Nomi’s best outfit: Sheer olive top, black bra, jeans, brown boots.


Amanita’s best outfit: black halter top, green patterned trousers. Also, all of her costumes and Pride outfits.


Emily Fields, Pretty Little Liarsshay

Way back in Season 1, Emily dressed in a way that suggested she still went shopping with her mom. There were a lot of pastel-colored shirts and cardigans in the mix. However, somewhere along the way, she stopped dressing like a little girl and started dressing like a grown-up lesbian. The eyeliner got heavier, and she started wearing plaid, leather, flannel, and denim. Sometimes all at the same time. And vests. Lots and lots of vests. I think the thing I like best about Emily’s fashion is the way she mixes soft, feminine pieces with tough pieces (florals and black leather, for example).

Best outfit: Suspenders, white button-down, black trousers. Cargo pants, leather cuff, vest. Pretty much any time she wears a vest, actually.