“Guilt” recap (1.4): You’re Messing With the Wrong Lesbian DJ

Last night on Guilt, Grace’s sister Natalie was arrested for basically kicking the shit out of an undercover cop because he was taking pictures of Grace and Luc inside their own home. In her defense, she didn’t know he was a cop and thought he was just some creep so, in my opinion, he deserved it. Luckily Stan, the attorney that James (Grace and Natalie’s step-dad) hired to represent Grace, came to her rescue and got her out of a possible arrest for assaulting an officer.

Aside from Natalie assaulting cops, things with Prince Theo and DS (a police officer on the murder case, who is also sleeping with the prosecutor, who ALSO seems to have a slight thing for Natalie) are getting heavy. The Prince asked DS to steal Molly’s underwear from the evidence collected at the murder scene as some type of weird test to see how loyal DS will be to the Prince. In reality, the Prince has some dirt on DS so he is actually bribing him to try and get evidence they are using in Molly’s death. Which leads me to believe HE KILLED HER or maybe had her killed. Especially since he is the Prince, engaged, and yet sleeping with prostitutes at a high-class brothel and impregnating them. I trust no one on this show!


While Grace and Luc seem to have been able to move forward from the police thinking they killed their friend (they are still not cleared, but now there are other suspects), Grace is getting really annoyed that Luc is doing cocaine more often than he has in the past and they get in a huge fight. In an attempt to try and rectify the situation, Luc invites Grace to his art show because he has a surprise for her, but she can only see it if she goes to his show.

Speaking of trusting no one, Roz is one scary bitch you guys. Molly’s brother Patrick goes to the club where Roz is DJ’ing and starts questioning her about what Molly was doing that night she died, because they were at the club, so Roz must have seen her and maybe she saw someone there who was bothering her and maybe that’s her killer. Roz, being the super friendly person she is, basically tells him to get lost, which of course, he does not.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.40.45 AM

Instead, he finds Roz’s girlfriend Kaley out on the dance floor, wearing the same necklace that Molly had (which is now in Patrick’s possession) and while he is dancing and flirting with Kaley, he starts questioning her about where she got her necklace. Roz is watching all this and sends bodyguards over to “remove” Kaley from the situation. Watch out, Patrick. You are messing with the wrong lesbian.


Aside from Roz being scary as hell, Natalie and Gwen (Naomi Ryan), the prosecuting attorney, are a bit at odds with each other, probably because Natalie is hitting on DS, who was GWEN’S MAN FIRST. Not to mention Gwen has it out for Grace and seems to be pretty convinced Grace murdered Molly. Which means Natalie has gone into big sister mode and is stalking Gwen on the internet (as she should), where she finds out there was a girl attacked by Gwen’s friends at her college and Gwen did nothing to stop it, which turns out Gwen feels badly about, and that’s why she became a prosecutor. Gwen convinces Natalie to let her question Grace again and promises to give Grace her passport back so they can go home to America.

Remember when I said Patrick should stay away from Roz? Well, he did NOT learn his lesson the first time and finds Kaley at the laundromat the next day. He planted his phone in her pocket and he tracked her using that, which actually is pretty genius, but I am concerned for his safety at this point because ROZ IS EVERYWHERE. He starts questioning her about the necklace again, where did she get it, what does it mean. Kaley tells Patrick that the necklace is from where she and Molly worked, where if people had enough money “they can have whatever they want.” Patrick is not a huge fan of this information and refuses to believe his sister would do something like that. Then he storms off, but not without remembering to grab his flip phone.

So later that day, Gwen questions Grace about the night Molly was murdered, but she really only has one question she wants to ask, and that’s why Molly had Grace’s DNA and her BLOOD under her fingernails. Grace said Molly had her blood under her nails because she pierced her belly button earlier that day. I’m not going to lie you guys, my mind went in the complete opposite direction as to how Grace’s blood got under Molly’s nails than what really happened. Anyway, Gwen is super pissed because she is convinced Grace killed her, but every time she thinks she has something on her, it blows up in her face. So Gwen thinks DS tipped on Natalie and decides to fire him from the case!


So much drama.

Later that night, Natalie and Grace head to Luc’s art show, where not only is she met with her “surprise” which is a lovely painting Luc did of Grace, but she is also surprised to see Roz, as the last time they saw each other, things did not go well between the two of them. Thankfully they talked it out and were able to reconcile their argument, just long enough to talk about how much they miss Molly—until Luc gets picked up by the cops outside for selling cocaine. Sadly he was trying to get rid of it because he didn’t want to do it anymore and wasn’t charging anything for it, but the undercover cop he sold it to didn’t really care.

So we are left wondering what will happen with Luc and how will this affect Grace’s case, and what the heck Roz will say when she finds out Kaley talked to Patrick.

Guilt airs Monday nights on Freeform.