Our Favorite Tweets from “Pretty Little Liars” (7.4): Hit and Run, Run, Run

Last night on PLL, The Liars buried Rollins in the woods, stuffed Ali back into Wellby, and got their asses handed to them by one Mona Vanderwaal. I feel like whenever the PLL writers get stumped, someone is like, “Hey, what if Mona breezes in and explains everything away with her adrenalized hyper-reality?” and then everyone cheers and gets lunch. She’s basically a Deus Ex Monacha at this point.

With Mona and Jenna returning, it really felt like a classic episode of Pretty Little Liars. All that was missing was Ezra. (JK no one cares this show is better without him.) Although, I’d bet dollars to donuts that Ezria is going to be the #PLLProposal next week, which sucks because we all want it to be Hanna and Mona. Here are some choice words from the #Boo crew on the shenanigans that went down last night.