“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.12): Taking Sides

Why is this season so centered on the male CO’s flashbacks? Does anyone really care about Gerber Bayley’s high school years? Anyway, he and his ragtag groups of friends climbed a water tower to drink cheap beer and smoke oregano. The cops come, and they all realize how much worse climbing down from an extreme height is. 

cornellDad’s Cornell buddies are coming over for Sunday dinner.

Age did nothing for Bayley and his awkward nature as he frightens Caputo shortly after pulling up outside of the prison. He tattles about Humps and his fight club and reveals the lengths in which Piscatella took this entire situation into his own hands. 

Suzanne truly deserves better than all of the mess she’s been put through this far. Thankfully, her girls who are on hand to bring her back to reality surround her. The Jim Crow cadets come to make peace and join together against the hellion that is CO Humps. Ranks of hatred are clarified, and an alliance is formed to rid the prison of their common enemy. 

Piscatella is obviously compensating for something with this abundance of aggression and the need to punish others. He wakes Red from her slumber and commands her presence down in the kitchen. The power battle between them continues. 

fish filletsDo you want the lightly fried fish fillets or not?

Poussey surprises Soso down in laundry for a work break trip into the time machine. They share a silent dance and are momentarily transported out into the real world, free of their punishments. Soso flashes 10 years ahead to a vision of them sharing an overwater bungalow in Fiji and their future almost seems plausible should they ever be released.