“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” has a new queer character

I’m going to be perfectly honest wit you, I started watching the FX show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll for Elizabeth Gillies. And I’m going to peel back another layer of honesty: I only know Liz Gillies from the Nickelodeon show Victorious. Much to my delight, her character on SDRR is basically a grown-up version of Jade, her character on Victorious. She has an incredible voice and eyebrow game for days and this ability to deliver sarcastic lines with a beautiful bite that makes me swoon every time. While she was a Nickelodeon star, Gillies was best friends with Ariana Grande and one of my favorite videos on the internet to date is when the two gals sang RENT between filming. (Fun fact: They were also in the Broadway musical Thirteen together once upon a time.)

All that is to say, I wouldn’t have normally been like, “Oh a show about a washed up rock ‘n roll band frontrunner played by Denis Leary? Sign me up!” But an all-grown-up Liz had me intrigued, so I got on board. And to be honest, I’m still mostly only watching for Liz and her character Gigi, because there’s a lot of bullshit I’d put up with to hear her sing every week. But, there are other characters to care about too, and it’s a really interesting look into the life of a once-semi-famous group of friends trying to find their place in the music business, and how a new, young, fresh-faced girl could shake things up for them.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll 1Party like a rock star.

At the start of the series, Denis Leary’s character, stage name Johnny Rock, finds out that he has a grown-up daughter who wants to connect with him. Also, she’s hella talented. So, after much soul-searching and rock-bottom-hitting, he and his band decide to rally around Gigi and her talents instead of trying to revive the legend of Johnny Rock. There is, unsurprisingly, a lot of sex and drugs and rock and roll. It’s funny and quirky and a fun way to spend 30 minutes once a week in the summer.

“Well, Valerie,” I hear you asking, “That’s all well and good, but why are you here talking about this show now, three episodes into the second season?”

Because, gentle reader, things just got hella queer.

Everyone on this show is sexually promiscuous because rock and roll or whatever, and talks of threesomes were never far off, but this. This is different.

First things first, I’m going to recap the events of the past two episodes, and then we shall discuss. Names you need to know beyond Gigi and Johnny are Ava, Johnny’s girlfriend and backup singer in the band, and Flash, Gigi’s way-too-old-for-her boyfriend and Johnny’s best friend and also in the band.

So an old friend of the band’s died recently, and Gigi found some old videos of Ava being a lead singer, so Ava’s having a bit of an existential crisis. Johnny tries to be supportive, and even offers to do couple’s counseling with her, but to his relief, what she really wants is to have a threesome.

Flash and Gigi support this plan, and even offer up some potential girls for the gig. Ava explains that she will be picking her own ladyfriend, thank you very much, and that it will be someone who boosts her self-esteem. She advises Gigi to do the same, should she ever have a fling with a girl. Gigi feels pretty lame; she’s all rock and roll, no sex and drugs. Ava’s advice is basically YOLO, so Gigi asks Flash if he’d be down for a threesome. He has trouble keeping up in threesome settings, though, so she uninvites him and says, “Let’s go get me a lesbian.”

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll 2No, no, Gigi, that’s way too advanced for your first time.

Side note here: This season feels a little more ad-libbed, but in a good way. It feels even more like I’m just watching friends hang out than last year did. I watched this episode three times, and I laughed out loud every time.