“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” has a new queer character

Ava and the rest of the band look at Gigi like proud parents and send her off like it’s the first day of school, offering words of encouragement before leaving her on her date.

On the walk home, Gigi and Davvy have a really sweet conversation. They talk about their insecurities, and when Gigi accuses Davvy of being relentlessly positive, she retorts, “Oh sure, I’m a queer woman of color, every day’s a Disney Cruise.” Which. How often do you hear a character refer to themselves as a queer woman of color on TV? The girls’ conversation was just so sweet and innocent and fun; I loved it. Plus also Davvy says, “I’m the queen of Pussy Castle and I will destroy all my enemies,” so really she’s the hero we’ve all been waiting for.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll 8CAN I KEEP YOU?

Gigi admits that she was afraid Davvy would see her as just another stupid straight girl with a crush on her, and Davvy knows that’s exactly what’s happening. Sure, it’s a little upsetting that she’s being used to satiate someone else’s curiosity, but since it’s Gigi, she’s willing to take the risk. She says that they can just get a drink and see where the night takes them.

Well, the night takes them to Gigi’s room, where the two girls harmonize together with their magic angel voices. The moment is so beautiful, in fact, that Gigi is moved to go in for the kiss.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll 9I don’t know who I’m more jealous of.

Gigi admits she doesn’t know what’s next, but Davvy says they can take it slow. They make out and it’s sweet and slow and sensual. Gigi awkwardly puts her hand on Davvy’s boob and pulls away, too in her own head to continue. She apologizes, but Davvy isn’t mad. She says they can have another drink, listen to more music, she’ll go home, and they can process everything in the morning.

Meanwhile, in the other bedroom of the same apartment, Ava and Pam are really into each other and get the threesome started while Johnny is still in the bathroom. Long story short, they don’t need him, and when he…finishes after 5 seconds, they kick him out entirely.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll 10Bye Felicia

Gigi and Davvy are in the kitchen drinking some wine when Johnny comes out, tail between his legs. Things get a little awkward as Gigi gets turned on by the sounds of Ava and Pam…enjoying each other’s company while trying not to look at HER FATHER. But then Gigi and Davvy make eye contact, and Gigi can’t take it anymore, so she says she has to “show” Davvy something in her room and tells her dad to GTFO of the apartment and bring them pizza in two hours.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll 11*swoon*