Morning Brew – “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Stephanie Beatriz comes out as bisexual

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I had the pleasure of serving as a juror at Outfest this year, and was so pleased with all of the amazing films by and about LGBT women this year. Some of the award winners were Ingrid Jungermann for Best Screenwriting with her incredible dark comedy Women Who Kill and Southwest of Salem with the Documentary Grand Jury Prize. Also, I highly recoomend the Israeli short Fake It, which won Best Narrative Short.

LA Weekly loves Summertime, which is finally hitting theaters.

Bisexual erasure is still a thing. Evan Rachel Wood speaks about this very thing with MOTTO:

I think because we’re usually erased, people just don’t have the information. There’s so many negative connotations with that label. I understand the argument about labels and the desire to do away with them altogether. I think that’s a great idea. But before that we have to give people a chance to identify with somebody or a group in some way. That helped me. It’s so confusing, especially when there’s not a lot of information out there … Erasure is causing people harm and diminishing self-esteem and putting people in harm’s way. It’s a real need. I want people to know that it’s ok, [bisexuality] is valid, and their stories matter.

A young bisexual woman an India details her fearful experience.

Lesbians are getting married inside the Phillipine Communist movement.

Out social worker Rita Adair talks with the Windy City Times about her life as an activist and upcoming memoir which also details her time spent owning “an upscale LGBTQ blues and jazz club in Madison [Wisconsin] called Adair’s Lounge.”

Coronation Street‘s Rhea Bailey plays gay on TV, and now she gets hit on by women on the regular.

The hilarious Stephanie Beatriz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine subtly came out as bisexual on Twitter, and everyone is pretty psyched about it. 


Candace Gingrich is not a fan of Donald Trump. (Duh.)

At Bustle: 7 Reasons I Use “Queer” Instead of Lesbian.

27-year-old teacher Kimberly Naquin has been charged for having “lesbian sex” with a 16-year-old female pupil.

Sex worker Sammie Jo is queer and the star of a BBC 3 documentary Sex, Drugs and Murder: Life in the Red Light Zone.

Today in Lesbianish TV:

The Ellen DeGeneres Show – Guests: The cast of Ghostbusters (rerun)

Good Morning America (ABC 7 a.m.)

The View (ABC 11 a.m.)

Buffy “Prophecy Girl” (Pivot 11 a.m.) (rerun)

Sisterhood of Hip Hop “U-N-I-T-Y”/”Beats, Rhymes, and Life” (Oxygen 12 p.m./1 p.m.) (rerun)
Grey’s Anatomy marathon (Lifetime 12 p.m.)

Clarence (Cartoon 1 p.m./1:30 p.m.) (rerun)
The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.) – Guest: Wanda Sykes

General Hospital (ABC 2 p.m.)

Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off marathon (Food Network 2 p.m.) – With Judy Gold

Ellen (Laff 3 p.m./3:30 p.m.) (rerun)
The Best Thing I Ever Made “One Pot Wonder”/”Sweet Endings” (Cooking Channel 6 p.m./6:30 p.m.) (rerun)

Steven Universe “Steven Floats; Drop Beat Dad” (Cartoon 7 p.m.)
Republican National Convention coverage (MSNBC) – With Rachel Maddow

The Fosters “Now for Then” (Freeform 8 p.m.)

Ray Donovan “Federal Boobie Inspector” (Showtime 8 p.m., 10 p.m.)

Pride (TMC 8 p.m.)

Yard Crashers “Modern Rustic Outdoor Dining” (DIY 8 p.m.) (rerun)

Tiny House Nation “170 Sq. Ft. Rustic Bike House” (FYI 9 p.m.)
Roadies “The City Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken” (Showtime 9 p.m., 11 p.m.)
Survivor’s Remorse “M.V.P.”/”Homebound” (Starz Encore 10 p.m./10:30 p.m.) (rerun)

West Texas Investors Club “The Golden Nuggets” (CNBC 11 p.m.) (rerun)

Real Housewives of New Jersey “A Very Hairy Christmas” (Bravo 12:31 a.m.)
Sisterhood of Hip Hop “Beats, Rhymes, and Life” (Oxygen 1:30 a.m., 7 a.m.) (rerun)
Buffy “Something Blue”/”Hush” (Pivot 2 a.m./3 a.m.) (rerun)
Cougar Town “Time to Move On” (TBS 2 a.m.) (rerun)

Buffy “Doomed”/”A New Man” (Pivot 6 a.m./7 a.m.) (rerun)
Close Up with the Hollywood Reporter “Comedy Actresses” (Sundance 6 a.m.) – With Lily Tomlin (rerun)

Kissing Jessica Stein
(HBO Signature 7:45 a.m.)