“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.13): A Broken Eulogy

In the white dorm, they discuss their perceptions of death prior to seeing it and after viewing it first hand. Red seems to have finally gotten the rest she needs. Norma’s voice mimics an Angels as she cradles a weeping Soso. Everything seems so normal otherwise. That is until Piper sees Bayley in the hallway, still disoriented by shock. He’s on a quest to apologize to the Black girls; Piper tells him not to disturb their grieving. Sound advice.

CO Dixon is doing a horrible job consoling Bayley on the ride home. He resorts to war stories, implying that frustration led to many a criminal and immoral act. When that doesn’t work, he’s told to “get over it” because he’s a good kid and he’s got so much life to live. This truck probably reeks of privilege. Just outside of his parents’ house, Bayley is warned about the dreams that will follow, very helpful.

The morning after opens bright and early with the kitchen crew. Red and Ruiz trade thoughts on protecting their own respective crews and whether or not the score between the inmates and guards is square. CO McCoullugh discovers that they still haven’t moved Poussey’s body. Blanca steps in the gum Piscatella spit out about a foot from her body. He is the scum of the earth. Red reminds the CO that death comes with a smell after a while, and they’d do best to remove it sooner rather than later. The radio startles Caputo awake; he still hasn’t received a call from MCC.

trump wifeTrump bringing his wife won’t sway the women’s vote.

They serve breakfast out on the courts instead. Nicky reveals the sobering nature of the previous night’s events in regards to her detox process. If Red is proud of her progress, she certainly doesn’t show it. She plans for a family meeting in the former garden. Nicky is affronted by the implication that she’s going to steal the juice on the way, however, Red cites her doubts with Nicky’s knack for making situations awkward with her talking. Times like these all care should be taken.

Watson vents about the lack of care taken in the situation under the picnic shelter. Beside her and the other Black girls is a pile of gifts from various inmates; she takes out her frustration on one of the cards. Tovah and Abdullah take an account of all that’s been given so far; Abdullah is sure to note the fanciest gift wasn’t hand delivered by Tovah’s faux lover but Yoga Jones. Taystee continues her quest to end Suzanne weighing things to place on top of herself. She can’t handle the reminiscing and instead decides to resume her post in Caputo’s office. Watson shouts her demands for justice from the higher ups with tears in her eyes as Taystee walks away.

military coupDoes it still qualify as a military coup if it failed?

MCC’s legal team is delving into Poussey’s personal file trying to find anything that will label her a violent threat and help their case. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to help make that claim; she truly was a sweet cinnamon roll that was too good for this world. The police still haven’t been called, and her body remains unmoved. Caputo’s concerns are ignored, they have to avoid liability, and this is the only way it’ll get done. The tragedy of this situation is that you can see this very pattern happening in real time with Black victims of police brutality it’s all chillingly calculated. Pushing it aside as an accident, which in this case it was, only further amplifies the pointless nature of this death. Despite being in charge of the prison and its happenings, Caputo is at his lowest point as far as the power structure. In light of the Public Relations nightmare, Judy King is scheduled for early release, complete with backdated paperwork and a briefing clarifying the tale of her whereabouts in the previous days.

Poussey, her gelled mohawk, and her friends realize they’ve traveled all the way to the city for a band that doesn’t have Questlove on the drums. They’ve been duped by a terrible cover band. Her phone is stolen at the club, and she’s split from her friends in pursuit.