“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.13): A Broken Eulogy

Down in laundry Leanne and Angie are dealing with the effects of a whole bag of hooch. In their drunken rambles, they decide to tear down Lolli’s time machine, citing that it’s bad luck for all of the inmates.

deloreanMaybe we can build a Delorean out of the spare parts.

Alex sits with Piper in her bunk amid a couple dozen-paper scraps. She’s got an awful lot of guilt about his family being in the dark about his death seeing as his only mission was to come and kill her. Her reasoning is that before he became her would be murderer he was a friend.

Suzanne is rolled into the infirmary right next to her former lover who’s still suffering from their fight. Who would’ve thought we’d start the season with the two of them running away and ending with them both in hospital beds?

Video cameras are set up in Caputo’s office for his announcement. Linda comes in to provide moral support. In a move to confirm the inmates have no contact with the press, he’s ordered to lock down the prison; Taystee hides behind her desk. A photo of him dressed as Rambo for Halloween hypes the tale of Bayley being a horrible person. Caputo leaves and makes the tough call to Poussey’s father to inform him.

Poussey shares a joint with the monks down on the riverfront and reveals how she was blackballed from West Point after her almost shooting her ex-girlfriend’s father. In turn, she finds out they aren’t actual monks, and it’s all just performance art. Her life had so much promise before she was locked up, even with all of her mistakes.

nirvanaJust like Nirvana, can’t you taste the Teen Spirit?

Back at Litchfield, Caputo is in front of the media giving his speech. He goes off script and MCC’s crisis team is on edge. We flash to Aleida watching from her new home in the Bronx; Healy knitting yarn in the psychological facility he checked himself into. Judy King is finally up for release and Yoga Jones can’t even stand the sight of her. He forgets to mention the most important person involved in all of this to save Bayley from criticism.