“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.13): A Broken Eulogy

Taystee leaves her hiding spot and starts yelling in the halls about how Bayley isn’t fired. She’s riled up, and all of the girls and they take to the halls in protest. The Latinas equip themselves with various shivs before making their way out of the dormitory. Leanne and Angie drunkenly recruit all of the white women to the fray with shouting and banging on walls. Scenes like this force you to remember the number of women held in this facility.


Linda sits oblivious on the toilet, as the chants grow closer to the bathroom. Piper and Alex are still on their mission to rid the prison of all the confession papers she’s strewn about. They burn them in a trashcan before the mayhem reaches them.

Judy King makes her final walk down the halls only to find her stuck in the middle of a four-way traffic jam. Jumps reaches for his gun and is immediately pushed over by Maritza. Daya picks up the weapon and points it directly at Sankey and her crew. She orders CO McCollough to lie on the ground and points the gun in the middle of Humps’ face. The inmates are all riled up, begging her to shoot him.

We end the season with the imagery of a sweet smiling Poussey looking directly into the camera and the last few tears fall from my eyes. This season was a true test of wills. We lost a wonderful woman and gained a few that are less than desirable. Tweet me your thoughts on the whole season, or just the episodes I’ve recapped @uhitsveronica. Nothing is a spoiler unless you’ve got the inside scoop from the writers room and if you do I’d like to pass on a few suggestions for next season.

sweet cinnamon rollA sweet cinnamon roll too good for even the fictional universe.