“The Fosters” recap (4.4): Time Goes By So Slowly

Speaking of Brandon, Stef would like to kick his butt, but Lena says, just wait it out. That dumbass can’t live on his own and eventually he will figure out that groceries don’t just fall from the sky, and he’ll come home. Okay, Lena, let’s see how long you hold up your end of this bargain.

Mason is all of us. He kicks Brandon in the face, and it’s amazing. Eddie is going to take the little tyke for the weekend, so Cortney and Brandon are throwing a party. On this show parties of any kind are always a disaster. So this should be fun.

AJ is starting at Anchor Beach (apparently some parents pulled their kids after the lockdown), and he and Callie are having a little role play in the halls followed by some PDA. After school, Callie is taking pictures of another house where she lived while in foster care. AJ asks what the point of her project is, but not in a dick-ish way. She says, “So I’ll graduate, duh.” Well, maybe it could be mean just a little bit more, he thinks. Feelings are stupid, AJ. You’ve known Callie long enough to figure that out. She tells him the story of this house. The people were kind, and she thought they would adopt her and Jude but then one day the social worker showed up and told them they were moving out. Callie never knew why. AJ suggests that she go ask the people who live there. Confront feelings? AJ, that’s crazy talk.

Mike and Ana are discussing their relationship. He thinks Gabe is a trigger for her; she thinks he’s pulling away because she ran after Gabe. She says she won’t see Gabe anymore, so they make out. I would like to donate this screen time to Stef and Lena (or Jude, who is Out of Town or something) because Mike and Ana are not a couple I care much about. So next time, more Stef and Lena making sexual innuendos, please and thank you.

Lena is totally getting fired. She knows this because she allowed a registered sex offender to help build the sets for the school play (and also only people not named Brandon face consequences on this show). But, because she’s Lena, she has a plan. They are going to hire a lawyer to help get Gabe off the list. It’s like a crazy Rube Goldberg invention, but maybe it will work. It will only cost 20 grand. Stef points out that even if they use their emergency fund to help Gabe, he doesn’t want them helping him.

At the second house, AJ wants to know how many they are going to. Dude, chill out. Callie hops the picket fence because of course she does. AJ follows in spite of being way more likely to get in trouble. This house is where Liam raped Callie. Liam’s mom comes home and invites Callie into the house to blame her for the downfall of her entire life. Lady, you need to back the hell up. Your son is a fucking rapist. You’re not the only one who is sorry Callie lived there. Callie stomps upstairs and takes a bunch of pictures in her old bedroom. She’s going all in, man.


Meanwhile, back at the Adams Foster home for teenage thievery, Brandon is absconding with toiletries and anything not nailed down. Is it hard being a grown ass man, B? Mariana yells at him for not inviting them to the party before Stef shows up and is like, “Yeah, this ain’t a Target, bucko,” and takes back the stuff he was stealing. Lena doesn’t look thrilled with Stef’s approach to Brandon’s nonsense, but there’s no time to process that because Ana is in the kitchen.

Callie is showing Mariana all the pictures she took. Mariana is horrified that Callie went inside Liam’s house and more horrified when she finds out Liam’s mom blamed Callie for her life falling apart. Visiting these houses isn’t safe, she thinks. But Callie thinks she has to face the people who made her feel powerless if she’s ever going to move forward. This prompts Mariana to tell her moms that she wants to see Nick, so she can also feel safe again.