“Guilt” recap (1.5): Secrets Secrets Are No Fun

Within the first five minutes of this week’s Guilt, we become very aware of the fact that Molly’s brother Patrick has officially gone loco trying to find Molly’s killer, and Natalie blames herself for her father’s death when she was 16. She is also sleeping with DS, who has been blackmailed by the Prince’s bodyguard to plant Molly’s blood on someone so that they are arrested for her murder and the Prince won’t be linked to it. Aside from that, Luc was arrested last week for distributing cocaine, and now Grace is trying to help him get out of jail by using Stan, the attorney her step-dad hired.

Grace is bombarded by the press outside the police station, who are trying to get a picture or a statement from her—about Luc and of course, murdering Molly. Just when she thinks she is doomed (she dropped her phone and broke it, so basically she is doomed), a good samaritan comes to her rescue and blocks the cameras with his jacket so she can escape through another exit. Once they are outside, the good samaritan tells Grace he can fix her broken phone and so, of course, she goes with a strange man she just met.


In the meantime, Patrick has bullied his way into the brothel where Molly used to work (also where Kaley, Roz’s current lady works) and starts sneaking around where he shouldn’t be. Just as he is getting busted for going into the employees only area, Kaley comes out of nowhere and pretends Patrick is her client, shoving him into a room and beginning to undress him because there are cameras in all of the rooms. Apparently the only way they can talk is while they are fooling around.


As this is all going down, Grace realizes that the good samaritan is actually housing some of Molly’s belongings, including a stuffed monkey that the police have been looking for. It dawns on her that he was Molly’s stalker and that going into this dude’s shop was a terrible idea. She can’t get out because he’s locked her in, so she attempts to fight him for the keys that are hanging from his belt. But he pushes her down, and she nails her head on the table, knocking her out cold. After coming to, she finds the creeper staring at her and saying he doesn’t want to hurt her, and that he didn’t hurt Molly. He just was in love with her (even though he only knows her by WATCHING HER THROUGH HER WINDOW). Now Grace is for sure ready to go, and stabs him in the leg, which trips him up long enough for her to get the keys and go running outside, where she is rescued by her sister and DS.


Meanwhile, Roz is NOT happy about Kaley “shagging” Patrick, but not because she is jealous. It’s because Patrick ended up stealing the client list from the office and their boss is on the warpath and apparently at this job, you don’t get fired for fucking up—you get killed. She actually thought Kaley was the one who snuck Patrick into the club, but once she found out she didn’t, SHE WAS STILL PISSED. As she should be, because she knows the danger of where they work and Kaley had no clue. So now Kaley is also in a panic.


Grace is home with Natalie, and she wants to go dancing, which might be the furthest thing from someone’s mind after a day like that but not Grace. She convinces Natalie to go to the club with her, but first they stop at the jail so she can talk to Luc. Then things get sketchy. She asks Luc if the police questioned him again about the night Molly died and tells him that he better not say anything about that night; They have to “Keep it a secret” and “No one can know.” 

What is the secret!?