“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.07): Don’t Fence Me In

On the case, Maura is being second-guessed by Kent because–in case you’d somehow forgotten–he is the worst. There’s a problem with the DNA results, because there’s not just one but five results returned by the test.  Again I ask, really, this is the dude they replaced Senior Criminalist Susie Chang with?


While Maura and Kent are charting their crispy critter, Jane Skypes in to see how things are going/check up on Maura. It’s pretty adorable how Jane cannot function without regular contact with her lady. She demands to see the arms still fused to the handlebars and Maura obliges.

Jane grumbles how she is missing everything. Maura grumbles how Jane packed khakis and a polo. You see, unlike Jane, Maura is so secure in her relationship with Jane that she always wants to show her off. You know, picking out dresses she knows Jane will look hot in. Making sure her suits look sharp. Just because Jane is a great detective doesn’t also mean she can’t be great arm candy.


Ever perceptive, Maura realizes Jane is donning the khaki to repel a potential beard. She asks about Mr. FBeard-I. But Jane changes the subject and talks about her anxiety about connecting with a bunch of overachieving millennials. Maura says not to worry; Jane is an overachiever at catching killers and bedroom creativity. And that’s more important than understanding Snapchat.

They share a moment and then Kent ruins it by being a creeper and, you know, Kent in general. Again, why? Why is he here? I mean, they didn’t just write off Susie’s character. THEY KILLED HER.