“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.07): Don’t Fence Me In

So, now the case is solved, Jane is back and the beer is flowing and it’s finally, FINALLY, time for our Big Gayzzoli Ending. Do you know this has been the first, real and private BGE of the season? That thing where all the zombies stumbled in kinda doesn’t count.

Jane is being suitably impressed by Maura’s combat skills and Maura is being suitably impatient about her back-from-a-trip gift. Also, how many of your best friends do you buy a present for when you return from a business trip? Yeah, exactly.


Of course, Jane being Jane, she got Maura an inside joke gift. It’s an FBI shirt reading, “Female Boob Inspector.” She pretends it was an “accident.” But we all know besides swashbuckling pilots one of their other favorite role plays is Female Boob Inspector Special Agent. Maura says she loves it and will wear it under her fencing uniform to help her feel extra gay. I mean, come on, she is already using that Red Sox sabre guard that’s practically a public love letter to Jane.


You sure had a lot to say about Skype dates and boob shirts in this week’s #gayzzoli tweets.


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