Ashley Tisdale is a lesbian boss on “Young & Hungry,” with the possibility of her own spin-off

Hello! Have you been keeping up with Young & Hungry, patiently awaiting the return of badass lesbian Logan? Well, whether or not you have, surely you’re here for an update.

Logan’s appearance in this week’s episode is a special one, because this episode, called “Young & Sofia,” might serve as a backdoor pilot for a show of the same name. I have some Feelings about that, but first, let’s recap the events of the episode.

We open with Sofia listening to an empowerment meditation as she enters a fancy office building for an interview at Clikd, a media entertainment enterprise run by the one and only Ashley Tisdale. Er, I mean Logan.

The first person Sofia meets is a woman named CJ, and the first thing she says is that she’s late, as in her period’s late. After seeing the episode, she fits neatly into the lonely single girl stereotype of any office-place comedy, the Desperate Dater.

Everyone is scurrying around, nervous for The Boss’s arrival, and when she does arrive, she’s all business. Everything from her pin-straight hair to her power-lesbian outfit screams what we already know: She’s the boss.

Young and Sofia-1Work, work, work, work, work, work.

Sofia’s interview is basically, “Would you murder a baby to get me my story?” “No, but I’d do pretty much anything else.” And then Logan shoos her away. Sofia finds Gabi raiding the free cereal bar and says she’s sure she made an impression. And sure enough, on the elevator ride down, Sofia gets a call that she got the job, which she takes even though Logan is clearly insane and a little bit racist based on the fact that she kept calling Sofia “Maria.”

On her first day of work, Sofia meets two more office comedy archetypes: Leo, the awkward guy who is smart but immediately hits on Sofia. The Lovesick Nerd, if you will. And OF COURSE, as literally anyone who has ever seen a sitcom could have predicted, almost as soon as the “I’m flattered, but I don’t date co-workers” spiel was out of Sofia’s mouth, in swoops Kendrick, the conventionally attractive, too cool for school guy. The Charmer.  

Logan calls Sofia into her office and starts rattling off some of the ridiculous things she’s going to make her do, just because she’s the boss and Sofia’s the assistant, including but not limited to going to her anger management classes in her stead.

Young and Sofia-2Because all lesbians are angry, haven’t you heard?

CJ brings flowers in for Logan (of course making a comment about never getting flowers herself, so goes the role of the Desperate Dater) and after Sofia reads the glowing card, Logan admits she sent them to herself since she doesn’t have a date to the award ceremony she’s being honored at tonight. Logan says women are intimidated by her and her 92 awards, so Sofia whips out her list of the hottest lesbians she knows and calls someone named Whitney Harper for her.

I’m a little bummed Logan isn’t still dating her soup chef, but I guess they had to start with a clean slate if this is going to be its own show.