Ashley Tisdale is a lesbian boss on “Young & Hungry,” with the possibility of her own spin-off

Back at the apartment, Gabi wants to go out to celebrate Sofia surviving a week in her new job, but Sofia falls asleep with a wine glass in her hand. Gabi starts to tuck her in, but Sofia’s phone goes off, and it’s Logan, sending her off on another wacky adventure.

Okay. So. As far as episodes of Young & Hungry goes, this definitely had a different tone to it. It wasn’t quite as goofy, but it was clever and cute. It did a good job setting up the new show and introducing all the characters and their very clear, albeit stereotypical, roles. Unfortunately, almost right away, I found myself early on drawing comparisons to Supergirl, which is unfair for all of us, but especially for “Young & Sofia,” because nothing will ever come close to Supergirl in my heart. And obvious the two shows are different in the big ways, like genre and style for example, but here are some ways it’s the same:

Big Bad Boss Lady

Nervous Assistant Learning to Stand Her Ground

Lovesick Nerd vs. Mr. Charming in the Quest for Assistant’s Heart

I think where the comparison bothers me the most (besides being SO OVER the “I’m in the ‘friendzone’ and sad about it because a relationship with a female is only worth it if there’s sex involved” thing #misandry) is the Big Bad Boss Lady thing. Cat Grant lives on the line between stern and cruel, but the only times she’s unpredictable is when she is suddenly compassionate or vulnerable. She establishes a baseline of being impossible to please, and when you do manage to do something right, it’s a perk. Logan, on the other hand, is a little hot and cold, in a way that comes off as a little unhinged.

And here’s why I even care: Lesbians in sitcoms are so rare. Lesbian main recurring characters are even more rare. Lesbian leads in sitcoms are almost unheard of. And she’s a female boss of a hugely successful company. Why then, my dear Ashley Tisdale, would you want to portray her as angry, kind of mean, unable to hold down personal relationships, and even a little shallow?

I don’t know. Are my expectations too high for a Freeform sitcom? Young & Hungry falls into a lot of stereotypes too, though the nature of the structure of the show (young billionaire and his hired staff) leaves it with less to directly compare to. Is it because I’m currently watching Parks & Rec for the first time, and no office-based sitcom will ever live up to the legend of Leslie Knope?

I have every intention of keeping tabs on Young & Sofia, should it come to stand on its own, especially since sitcom pilots, even backdoor pilots, are so, so hard. Any decent sitcom takes a few episodes to get its bearing; Parks & Rec took its entire first season to figure out what its best parts were and lean into them.

So help me out; what did you think? Do you think Logan will become a more likable lesbian character for us to root for? Or will she fall into all the worst lesbian AND woman-in-charge tropes that make us cringe? Could Ashley Tisdale be the sitcom lesbian we deserve?