“Guilt” recap (1.6): Building a Mystery

Poor Kaley got dragged into such a mess when she agreed to work at the brothel, thanks to Roz. Within the first five minutes of this week’s Guilt, Kaley witnesses her boss, Finch, shoot the man who tricked him into allowing Patrick into the brothel, because he stole the ledger with the client list written on it. He also warned her that if she didn’t find the ledger, she would be next.

While Kaley is dealing with that drama, Luc is being questioned by the police about the night Molly died, and Grace and Natalie are dancing the night away while Roz DJs. Natalie gets a call that Luc is being questioned, and now she and Grace are freaking out, wondering wtf is going on. Honestly, there is so much going on with this show, sometimes I wonder wtf is going on as well.

Grace goes over to Roz and starts asking her about that night again. Roz admits one of her many secrets: While Molly was laying there dead, she stole her cell phone. Grace is confused and shocked, but Roz tells her that when she was going through Molly’s phone, she found threatening texts from Finch. Roz is afraid to give the phone to the police because Finch will kill her, but Grace insists that they plant the phone on him and turn it on so that it will lead the police right to him and he will be charged with the murder.

tumblr_oawe0vhyKJ1ul4yh9o1_500gifs via GuiltTV

The only problem is they need someone to get the keys to his car so they can put the phone in there, and that person is Natalie.


Meanwhile, the Prince is having nightmares about Molly, who not only was his favorite call girl, but the mother of his unborn child. It’s difficult to try and figure out who killed Molly, but most times I’m convinced the Prince did it. First off, he’s the Prince and having an affair with a prostitute. Secondly, he’s the Prince having a baby with a prostitute who refuses to have an abortion. He is just as dangerous as Finch; he just doesn’t flaunt it the way Finch does. And now the Prince’s wife is asking about Molly since he is screaming her name in his sleep. He comes up with an elaborate tale about a dog he had as a kid. She seems to fall for it, but is onto his lies.

Kaley goes to Patrick’s house to tell him about the murder she witnessed and to beg him to give the ledger back, or they are both dead. In order to get all the blood off of her, she takes a shower at Patrick’s and is walking around in just his shirt. Then they have sex, and I would say Roz would be pissed about this, but she doesn’t seem to have much of an emotional interest in Kaley, so I’m sure she is fine with it.


Then we have Natalie attempting to seduce Finch as a distraction from Grace and Roz planting Molly’s phone in his car. The plan backfires when Finch asks Natalie to go upstairs to his office. Roz pulls the fire alarm so that Finch has to go check and see what’s going on. While he is gone, she unlocks his car and realizes there is a camera in his office and finds a computer with several flash drives, each has a girl’s name on them, including Grace. Natalie, who clearly loves her sister very much, takes the drive with Grace’s name on it, so that once the cops raid his place, they won’t find it.


As if there weren’t enough going on in this episode, DS shows up at the police station, telling the prosecutor that he wants to try and question Luc, because he can crack him. And he does. He gets Luc to admit that the night Molly was killed, when Grace got up to go to the bathroom, she was actually gone for about an hour, giving her plenty of time to kill Molly. This is enough for the police to issue an arrest warrant for Grace from Molly’s murder.

Then Kaley appears in Finch’s office to hand over the ledger. She fills Finch in about Patrick and where he lives. So, of course, Finch goes right over to Patrick’s house, but he’s long gone.

After they get home from their crazy night, the police show up to arrest Grace, and I’m sort of wondering if maybe Grace did do it, considering the content of the flash drive was her giving Finch a lap dance and asking if he liked her better than Molly. Clearly, there were some jealousy issues between Grace and Molly, but would she kill her because of it?


We will find out more next week!