“Wynonna Earp” renewed for a second season

My fellow Earpers, it is time to rejoice! Because this past weekend, at San Diego Comic Con, SyFy announced that our favorite reluctant gunslinger and her misfit band of family and friends will be returning to us for a second season!

Actually, Wynonna Earp herself, Melanie Scrofano, announced it, to a room full of cheers.

The show will be coming back to SyFy in 2017 with 10 new episodes (down from the 13 episodes of Season 1, but in line with Killjoys, another SyFy series.) Here’s the full panel:

One thing I love about this show, and the cast and crew of this show, and the social media teams and promo teams surrounding this show, is that they never shy away from the relationship between Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught, and they never hesitate to talk about how important LGBT representation is. Dominique Provost-Chalkley talks openly and beautifully about Waverly’s evolution, about her realizing her feelings for Haught were more than just platonic. And plenty of shows would have left the title character’s sister’s new girlfriend off the list of cast to include on a con panel, but not this show. They see the power of Haught, and they give the people what they want. They see the need for well-rounded LGBT characters and they’re leaning into it. As Katherine Barrell said,”It’s about frickin’ time.”

A fan even gave Kat Barrell a t-shirt that said “Support positive LGBT entertainment” and she put it right on, beaming all the while.

Another thing I love about this show is how much the cast and crew seem to genuinely love it. From the cast’s Instagram and Twitter feeds, it looks like they had a great time at their first con (well, their first con as the cast of Wynonna Earp, at least), meeting and loving on so many fans. Their excitement about being there, about having a room full of people there for the panel, their unadulterated joy seeing people cosplaying as their characters…even though it gave me major FOMO, not being there myself, I couldn’t help but feel giddy as I watched the con unfold through their eyes.

One of the most touching videos to come out this weekend is when the cast first found out that they were getting renewed:

Gah. So much cuteness, can you even stand it?

So put your hands up, break out the whiskey, get excited, because we’ll be back next year with more episodes, and hopefully plenty more interviews, panels, and cons to enjoy with this unnaturally attractive, incredibly talented, extraordinary cast.

There was so much coming in from SDCC this weekend, it was hard to keep up. Share your favorite video or photo of the Wynonna Earp cast below so we can all bask in the glory together! (EW has some great ones.)