“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.08): Jane’s Got Time

Previously on “Rizzoli & Isles: Jane goes to the FBI to see if she can meet Agents Scully and Starling. Maura used her fencing skills to catch a suspect. And then Jane bought Maura a shirt about boobs.

The ladies are at Jane’s place, their new preferred spot to Netflix and chill. Maura is taking a walk down memory lane, thumbing through photos from their relationship. I mean, we’ve all done this with our girlfriends. They’re looking for photos for Jane to hang around the house. Remember, the only one we know she had is the one of her and Maura in that convertible.


But they realize there’s an unfortunate trend. It’s photos of Maura – with Jane’s family members. Maura with Mama R. Maura with Frankie. Jane is missing from all of them. Ah, I see what Maura’s doing. This is the subtle ways girlfriends tell each other one of them is working too much and needs to spend more time at home snuggling.

Meanwhile, Jane is reading the first chapter of Maura’s mystery novel. Wow, they really are going to give her the Jessica Fletcher farewell. Jane reassures her it’s great, and she wants more. I mean, she has to say that. But in her case, I believe it. Then, the duel calls come in to start the case. But instead of Jane answering first, per custom, she lets Maura pick up while she takes a couples selfie. Yes, that really happened.


They arrive at the biker garage, where two burly grease monkeys were gunned down. This reminds Maura she needs her sidecar looked at. Yeah, remember, she owns a motorcycle. That they haven’t shown more adorable shots of Jane and Maura getting their dykes on bikes on is a crime. An absolute crime.

Jane and Maura do some standard flirting over dead bodies–this time about fairies. Yes, fairies. I see what you did there. But the fairy theory gets quickly abandoned because of the lack of pixie dust and presence of all the guns. As we all know, fairies don’t support the NRA.


One of the heavily armed bikers has a lipstick smudge. And there is also a report of someone who “runs like a girl” fleeing from the repair shop. So now they think the shooter might be a woman. Also, fuck that witness for saying “runs like a girl.” The search narrows to someone called Kelly Wagner played by someone I know I’ve seen before. IMDB wasn’t any help, but I was able to finally figure out where I’ve seen her before. She was Livewire, that electrified baddie, on Supergirl this past season. Whew, doesn’t that feel better?