“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.08): Jane’s Got Time

Frankie and Nina go to find her. But instead, Frankie finds a trashcan lid to the face. That’s gonna leave a mark. Nina is there immediately to back him up while brandishing her weapon. But she’s a little shaky. Oh dear, here comes the “my last boyfriend was killed”-PTSD. Though, I get it. I think she needs to go for drinks with Maura and discuss how significant others of cops cope with the constant fear for the worst.


Back in the lab, Maura has laid out a gun smorgasbord for Jane to inspect.  Only one had any evidence, which leads them to some heavy in an Albanian crime circuit. Jane also lets slip that Maura is writing a book because girlfriends always brag on each other. Kent immediately asks if he is in it because it’s impossible for some dudes to imagine a world where their existence is not acknowledged and celebrated.

Maura appeases him by saying he’ll be in the “acknowledgments.” Like in really tiny print. Really tiny. But Kent continues to demand he is a character and also demands she doesn’t make him English. After he leaves, Jane begs Maura to do just that. Just because they occasionally need beards, doesn’t mean they have to like them.


Frankie goes to see Nina for a lunch date. But she is still shaken up by the incident and suggests they not go in the field together anymore. He tells her she is overreacting which, Jesus – have you ever talked to a woman, Frankie? Well here is a tip: We kind of don’t like it when men diminish our feelings and dismiss their validity.

Kelly, a.k.a. The Garbage Pail Girl, won’t talk to Jane and Korsak. But in lockup, she’s apparently talking to everyone to find a hitman to rub someone out. Jane theorizes she is the witness who ran away and is trying to get to the killer before the killer gets to her. So Jane hatches a plan to get herself arrested. Yep, Jane wants them to send her to jail. Looks like someone is finally getting to live out her Orange Is the New Black fantasies.


Speaking of fantasies, next, we see Maura painting a tattoo onto Jane’s exposed shoulder. Pretty much this whole thing looks ripped directly from a romance novel cover. They’re also talking about Jane’s tough veneer. Maura says she might even have a tough “under veneer.” Jane teases her not to talk about her under veneer.

Please, ladies–we all know Jane is your classic butch in the streets, femme in the sheets gal. She’s all mush under that veneer. And that white tank top. Thank you, costume department.


Korsak arrives with her prison backstory, and then Mama R arrives. So I guess that whole, “We’ll have privacy and people will leave us alone at my new place”-thing didn’t totally pan out. Mama R is livid with Jane when she finds out she is going undercover. Hey, I get it, it’s hard being the loved one of someone who constantly puts themselves in danger. But has she ever freaked out at Frankie like this? Isn’t he also a cop?

Also, who do I have to petition to get more scenes with Jane in this tank top before this show ends? I mean it. I’m willing to send muffin baskets as a thank you.