“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.08): Jane’s Got Time

Garbage Pail Girl approaches Jane about a “job.” She offers her $10,000 to take out someone named “Snake.” Jane says she’ll think about it.  Then she immediately walks over to the CO and tells him her safe word. Really? No prison shower scene? Why do you gotta tease us like this, show?


So now Jane is back, and there is hugging. Maura wants to tut-tut over the enormous bruise on her head. But Jane is too focused on work, especially when Maura mentions something about wanting to protect those you love. She rushes her girlfriend out the door to work, barking at her to grab her jacket on the way out. So much for a romantic reunion. As poor Maura knows all too well, that’ll have to wait until the case is solved.

Jane has deduced that Garbage Pail Girl is trying to protect her half-sister, who witnessed the bikers’ murders. So now it is a race to find the girl, who is in danger from the Albanians. But don’t worry, Jane and a cute puppy get there first. It should be noted that said pup is none other than Angie Harmon’s chug Daisy. She has a Twitter account and everything. This episode is total pandering to its core audience: lesbians who love animals and hot ladies with tattoos.


So case closed, time for a beer. But wait, there’s more. Cagney is back. She is out and has come to visit Det. Risilly. Aw man, as soon as Maura hears that that will be Jane’s new cute nickname for at least the next six months. She thanks Jane for getting the DA to drop the charges. Jane tells her to try and stay on the straight (ha ha, not like that) and narrow this time. And then Cagney hugs Rizzoli and everything is beautiful, and nothing hurts.


So now it’s time for a, hold up, what is this? A Big Rizzoli Ending. I get it, Mama R, it’s tough. But your insecurities and fears are robbing us of Maura and Jane being cute. And for that, we’ll never forgive you. Give her your “I’m sorry”-beer and let’s move this along.

So finally, finally, Jane and Maura are alone as they should be–with wine and cheese and talk of the future. Jane says everything seems to be changing. Maura is a novelist. Korsak is married. Frankie is in Straightzzoli. She wonders if she should change, too. Yes, Jane – if you are asking if you should come out the answer is an emphatic, “YES.”


Maura reassures her that she is growing emotionally. I mean, look how long it has been since either has had official beards. Sure, there are some threatening around the outskirts. But, still, nothing so blatant. That’s progress.