“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.09): What the Duck Was That?

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Jane went to prison. Maura tattooed her beforehand. Half of Cagney & Lacey showed up. And there was a puppy.

So instead of solving a new murder this week, the gang must prove an old murder. It’s a classic Law & Order: Something Has Gone Wrong With the Evidence Unit case. In this case, the cutting board with crucial blood evidence is suddenly missing from the evidence locker.


Everyone is perplexed by this development. Maura is also perplexed that Jane calls their remaining evidence a “Hail Mary” because according to its etymology the phrase is something we don’t get to find out because impatient Jane is being impatient Jane.

In court, the judge gives the team the weekend to find the missing cutting board or she will be forced to throw out the case. So now it’s a race against time and sleep to stop a killer from going free. Though, if looks could kill, Jane would have already given the man a death sentence.


So now the show turns in 24, but with more hours and less Kiefer Sutherland torturing people. Fueled by honey walnut shrimp (minus some shrimp) and coffee, the team discovers that the evidence was stolen in a targeted robbery.

While they’re doing that, Kent is playing with his duck. Yes, Kent continues to be the weirdest. Look, I know I’ve said it a million times, but I will never, ever understand why they felt the need to replace Senior Criminalist Susie Chang with this guy.


And now, in a desperate attempt to get us to like him they’re trying to make him an animal lover or something. Guys, you already told us he taxidermies little mice and dresses them up in seasonal costume as decoration. We’re not fooled by this PETA act of rescuing a duck. Neither is Korsak.