Alison makes a decision about her relationship with Naomi on “American Gothic”

Now that the cat’s out of the bag regarding the Silver Bells Killer, the entire Hawthorne family is feeling the pain. Garrett got stabbed because his brother-in-law Brady incorrectly identified his as the SBK when in actuality it was his father. Or was it? Frankly, I don’t even know. For Alison, this means the end of her campaign and a lifetime of stigma for her and her daughters. In a moment more tender than we’ve seen before, Alison lays her weary head on Naomi’s lap and shares her fears and thoughts about what to do next.


Alison thinks she should drop out of the campaign in order to at least keep her family out of the spotlight, but Naomi isn’t ready to give up. She asks Alison for a little time to run some focus groups and confirm one way or another if they are actually as royally screwed as Alison thinks. As Naomi runs her fingers through Alison’s hair, Tom arrives and doesn’t like the intimacy he sees between the women, especially since he told Naomi to leave Alison alone. Thing is, Naomi doesn’t care what Tom thinks. Only Alison.

Alison isn’t the only person whose career is suffering, though. Tom, who now owns Hawthorne Concrete, is losing major clients left and right. He’s pissed, but beneath the financial frustration, Tom admits he’s angry about Alison and Naomi. Their agreement was an open physical relationship, not falling in love. Tom tells Alison about Naomi’s “I love you” text and how he erased it. Alison finds it hard to face what Tom is throwing at her and suggests that Tom gets a little action on the side. Tom isn’t letting it go that easily, though. He tells her to end the affair and the campaign.


Another blow for Alison and Naomi comes when the focus group unequivocally states that having a serial killer for a father is a real campaign loser. Alison asks Naomi to schedule a press conference so she can announce dropping out of the campaign.